August 1, and a Board to Death update

Diving into the shelf of shame this week. All are metal models, most of which are from yesteryear.

Left to right as usual:

An orc skeleton from the GFR0106 Undead Orc Warrriors II pack, the second of three in the pack to get painted.
Made by Scotia Grendel
unknown sculptor
Metal, 32mm base

I bought these last year, so not really from the shelf of shame this one.


Harlequin Miniatures, mid 1990s.
Fantasy Armies Monsters range
Unkown sculptor
Metal, 40mm base

This one is however, salvaged from the lead rot pile and very much on the shelf of shame.

MM20 Air Elemental
Grenadier Miniatures, late 1980s.
The Monster Manuscript, vol III line
Sculpted by John Dennet.
Lead metal, 32mm base

Ostensibly an Air Elemental, I thought it would look better as a Water elemental or Water Wierd.
This is an original from back in the day, and definitely off the shelf of shame.

02114 Galladon Human Wizard
Reaper Dark Heaven Legends line
Sculpted by Sandra Garrity
Metal, 30mm base

Not at all even remotely similar to Gandalf Stormcrow this.
I painted him in four distinct shades of grey. Not that it shows in the pictures. This is a recent purchase of an older mini.

Elemental of Air
from the 11-427 Elementals of Air and Water pack
Ral Partha, early 1990s
AD&D line
Unknown sculptor
Metal, 32mm base

The metal version, not that translucent plastic nonsense they released later. Another original salvage job.

Beastman Warriors
Harlequin Miniatures, mid 1990s
Fantasy Armies range
Sculpted by Kev Adams, the Goblin Master.
Lead metal, 32mm base

Salvaged from the lead rot pile.
The shield is an original Harlequin one, but I do not remember if it is the style that was supplied with these models or not. I thought it was a good fit anyhow.

11-442 Giant Toad
Ral Partha, early 1990s
AD&D line
unknown sculptor
lead metal, 35×25 base.

In hindsight I should have made a larger base. It is hard to pick up.
Also salvaged from the lead rot pile.


an update.

So far this year I have polished off Silver Tower, the DreadBall base game and the Judwan team, the Star Saga base game, Forbidden Fortress base game and the Feral Vampires expansion for Shadows of Brimstone.
Not bad at all.

I have also entered four XXL sized enemies for Shadows of Brimstone and Forbidden Fortress.

and continuing on the Shadows of Brimstone / Forbidden Fortress binge, here goes:

Entered and already finished:

Akaname Tongue Demons enemy expansion, 6 models

Shadow Clan Ninjas deluxe expansion, 6 mook ninjas and the Kosugi Master mini-boss. 7 models.

and just entered:

Shadows of Brimstone Allies of the Old West expansion

and just to get started with it:

The Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster base game: 50 models.
Talk about your shelf of shame. These have been standing around for a decade. One of the very first kickstartered miniatures games.
Armoured Marines vs Infected Zombiedemons, much like Doom. Should be fun when I get around to start painting them.

The summer holiday is soon over, and a year of work becons. I will have less time to paint in the forseeable future. Good thing I have already passed the yearly target…

Total painted so far this year:  375 / 365. 10 over target! In August!

January: 31 + 9
February: 34 + 17
March: 50 + 2
April: 46
May: 30
June: 52 + 8
July: 60 + 17
August: 21

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