August 2

I fear this might be the last group of models I will be able to finish for a while, as the summer holiday is over and work will be eating up my free time.

These are the Mephites from the Bones 5 Fan Favorites expansion. Little elemental imp-like creatures.
They are made in clear hard PVC. I used matte varnish as a primer before painting with contrast paints.
20mm bases

02095 Angel of Mercy
Reaper Dark Heaven Legends line
Sculpted by Sandra Garrity
Metal, 40mm base

Sorry about the washed out photos. She is actually painted in several different tones of offwhite, and with a yellow radiance effect going on. Not very apparent in the photos…

This model is from back in the day and has hibernated in one of the many boxes of old minis. I found it the other day when rummaging.

Elemental of Water
from the 11-427 Elementals of Air and Water pack
Ral Partha, early 1990s
AD&D line
Unknown sculptor
Metal, 32mm base

The metal version, not that translucent plastic nonsense they released later. Another original salvage job.

Kid Heroes: Elf Girl
from the Bones 5 Core set
Sculpted by Christine van Patten
Bones Black hard PVC
25mm base

Kid Heroes: Lantern Boy
from the Bones 5 Core set
Sculpted by Christine van Patten
Bones Black hard PVC
25mm base

Honestly, if it wasn’t for the Reaper Challenge League duos and trios, the “Kid Heroes” models probably would not get painted.

49016 Space Henchman
Reaper Chronoscope
Sculpted by Bobby Jackson
Bones Black hard PVC
25mm integral base

Some sort of Space Pirate, or rebel scum.

Total painted so far this year:  385 / 365. 20 over target! In August!

January: 31 + 9
February: 34 + 17
March: 50 + 2
April: 46
May: 30
June: 52 + 8
July: 60 + 17
August: 31

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