From Ye Pile of Olde: (Conan the) Barbarian. by Grenadier Miniatures

150702 Grenadier Barbarian

I found a pile of lead in one of my less frequented boxes under the cellar stairs the other day. Several really nice, old school  barbarian-types made by Grenadier back in the day. Here is the first I have painted up as a kind of test piece. I think I might have enough of these guys to make several units for Kings of War, especially if I put them on the 30mm bases.

This guy is probably the most “Conan” miniature I know of. Even more than the plastic barbarian in the original HeroQuest game. The face, the hair, the…everything, really. I believe it was sculpted by Mark Copplestone. Also, that must be a broadsword. Or a cricket bat.

This mini is from sometime during the early 90s. (it has to be because Grenadier shut down 1996.)

Metal, 30mm base.

At any rate, that is the first finished mini for July. I also have a bunch of skeletons and zombies on the “in progress” shelf.

So far this month: 1