December II

Really slow going these last few weeks, too much real life to do. I only got these done.

First, from the ancient piles of lead rot, a pair of Gargoyles:

8212 Gargoyles II
Harlequin Miniatures, 1997 or thereabouts
Unknown sculptor
Lead metal
I put them on 40mm bases, they were originally supplied with 25mm base and a hexbased flying stand.

Very rough sculpts from Harlequin here. Heavy wings that were difficult to glue on without some accelerant or putty to help the superglue set.

The Ancient One
from the XXL expansion of the same name for
Shadows of Brimstone
Flying Frog Productions
HIPS plastic
90mm base

I am entering this one for Board to Death this month, which means I have completed an entry for each month this year. However, I still have Be’lial and Sho-Ryu left to do before new year’s eve if I am to complete everything I have entered.
But if I don’t, there are no worries as each of these XXL colossi are separate entries and as such do not ruin the “complete” game set status of all the other stuff I have entered (and completed).
And there will be another Board to Death for 2023, giving me an incentive to continue with painting even more of the expansions for both Shadows of Brimstone, Forbidden Fortress, Star Saga and more!

from Necromunda (1990s)
Games Workshop
Metal, 20mm base

The not-facehugger from Necromunda. An interesting addition to any game.
I found another one! There should be a third around here somewhere, I think they originally came in threes together with a beast-master model.

Devil Baby from 02983 Familiars IX
Reaper Dark Heaven Legends line
Unknown sculptor
I used a Citadel Flying Base, 32mm diameter

The Evil Overlord Incarnate. Reaper make Kid Heroes, and lo and behold, they also make Kid Villains.

77462 Halfling Cook Halfling Cook (actual name of model in Reaper’s webshop)
Reaper Bones 3 core set
Bones classic PVC
25mm base

So if I were to have another profession, I think I might not do too bad at being a cook. As long as the only thing I make is a hot pot where anything goes. Throw it in, stir it around and in a few hours no one will know the difference. Like this little dude, whose sole job is to instill fighting spirit and hatred towards all living things in the Dark Lord’s Army. After all, the worse the food is, the more powerful the army.

Another salvage job from the lead rot pile:

616 Bat Swarm (there were originally two like this in a bliser pack)
Nightmares line,
Grenadier Miniatures.
Unknown sculptor
Lead metal
I put them on a Citadel Flying Stand, 32mm diameter base

As can be seen from the above selection, I found some flying stands and got to work on a couple of standless minis I have had lying about.


Conquering the Worm

Come up, you lovely monster, he thought. Up. You hear me calling. Come up. Come up.

The wave lifted his feet. Surface dust swept across him. He steadied himself, his world dominated by the passage of that sand-clouded curving wall, that segmented cliff, the rings lines sharply defined in it.

Paul lifted his hooks, sighted along them, leaned in. He felt them bite and pull. He leaped upward, planting his feet againts that wall, leaning out against the clinging barbs. This was the true instant of the testing: if he had planted the hooks correctly at the leading edge of a ring segment, opening the segment, the worm would not roll down and crush him.

The worm slowed. It glided across the thumper, silencing it. Slowly, it began to roll -up, up – bringing those irritant barbs as high as possible, away from the sand that threatened the soft inner lapping of its ring segment.

Paul found himself riding upright atop the worm. He felt exultant, like an emperor surveying his world. He suppressed a sudden urge to cavort there, to turn the wurm, to show off his mastery of this creature.

Excerpted from Dune (1965), “The prophet” p456, by Frank Herbert

This diorama-vignette-whatever is almost ten years in the making… as in this post from 2013.

Finished painting and basing it today, December 2022.
It consists of the 77006 Great Worm pre-kickstarter Bones from 2012 and an Epic Space Marine Scout. Custom built base out of a CD, scraps and green stuff.

(Yeah, yeah, an actual Sandworm as depicted in Dune could not rear up like this, it would be much too massive. I don’t care, I claim artistic licence. Rule of Cool.)

Total painted so far this year:  544 / 365. 188 over target!

January: 31 + 9
February: 34 + 17
March: 50 + 2
April: 46
May: 30
June: 52 + 8
July: 60 + 17
August: 39 *Yearly target surpassed
September: 58
October: 25 + 20
November: 40

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