Ringwraiths; or playing around with colours for black cloaks

Again some simple paint jobs, this time around I am trying out some colour combinations for dark cloaks, that are supposed to be black. But painting black straight up black really does not work all that well, the minis simply become…Not sure how to put this…lesser?

I have a really nice black cloaked figure lined up for painting, but painting it straight black will not do it justice. So I am using some Ringwraiths from Lord of the Rings by Citadel as guinea pigs:

150829 Nazgul 3








150829 Nazgul 1


I think the Blue one worked best as “Black”.

I wanted to keep them looking as a unit, so I did not go hog wild. They were each painted with a different undercoat, a very dark version of their respective colour. Then given a liberal wash of Army Painter Dark Coat Quickshade Ink and left to dry. When dry they were all given a drybrush of dark grey followed by a light drybrush at the edges with a lighter grey. Using same colours for the drybrushes gives them a coherent, unified look.  They will work great as a unit of wraiths (or even the Necromancer himself)  in Kings of War as well as Sauron’s personal SWAT team.

The backdrop worked very well. The colours turned out much more like in real life in the pictures than ever before. And the “auto color” global colour adjusting function in Photoshop barely changed the colour values, which has to be a good sign.



Ringwraiths on Foot

Lord of the Rings Battle Game

Citadel Miniatures / Games Workshop

Metal, 30mm bases.


Painted so far this month: 39

Painted so far this month: 190


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