A Shaggydog story

Once upon a time I read a short story by Isaac Asimov, entitled “Shah Guido G”, a story about a floating cityisland named Atlantis, it’s Shah named Guido G and the synchronized landing of a flotilla of flying craft called Waves all at the same time. Yes, you might guess correctly what happened next, and that the whole story was nothing but a massive setup for a single punchline. Groan. It was a so-called Shaggy Dog story, and I realized that Asimov even actually gave that fact away in the title. (read it like) “Shahgui-doG”. Groan again.

You see a Shaggy Dog story rambles on at length, only to end in a punch-line like sudden and “humorous” way.

Does Rickons wolf’s name have any double meaning? Let the unending conspiracy theory-like debates commence!


Dire Wolf

Bones KS2 92607

Reaper Miniatures

Bonesium PVC

50x25mm oval base by Warbases.


Painted so far this month: 40

Painted so far this Year: 191

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