LPL13 round 3: Whoops, I Did It Again!

Round three is over, and there is a fallow week until the next round goes up. Which gives me time to finish that team (hopefully). Two minis left to paint there, the team photo needs to be delivered this Friday.

Anyway, round 3: I called this tableau “Whoops, I Did It Again!”

,I think this is the first time I have set an overt tableau using terrain in the story like this, and in hindsight there are things I would have done slightly differently to emphazise and make it clearer what story exactly it is supposed to tell. For example, I should have placed the background piece slighty more to the left or more askew, placing the beam directly over the fallen figure , and the guard on the right should have been rotated to look at the action. Also, I was struggling to get a clear picture, as the edges always were out of focus. I originally had two more minis in the party here, but had to reduce the numbers because of this as I did not have time to find out what settings I needed then and there. I have since looked into this and I hope I have found better settings for future photography.

The story here might not be immediately apparent, so here goes: The “I” character is the shieldbearer in the middle, who has the hapless task of carrying the chief/king/bossdwarf/master around on a shield. And he has let the master brain himself on a crossbeam of the tunnel they were moving through. With the companions looking on in annoyance and consternation, the annoyance supposedly conveying that this is not the first time this has happened.

I did not have a large enough loose shield part, so the shield used in the photo is a round and curved piece I designed in Tinkercad and printed out for this. I used some plastic putty to smooth out the worst of the printlines.


The models used:

Our unnamed protagonist, the long-suffering and literally downtrodden shieldbearer. This model is from the 2013 Oathsworn Heroes kickstarter’s Dwarf King set.

Of course, a mini such as this does not really come by itself:


Here he is with the original Dwarf King Kazgar that I painted at the same time for completion’s sake.


The Dwarf King set also came with:

The Kings Bodyguards. I only used one of them in the final photo, though.

Metal. 30mm bases. Sculpted by Michael Lovejoy.


The downed king is played by Dead (Drunk) Donald McFiggin of the 2014 Oathsworn Clan McFiggin Dwarf Brewers kickstarter

I will go back and colour in the dead beer suds as soon as I remember to…

Metal. 30mm base. Sculpted by Michael Lovejoy.


Also from the Clan McFiggin KS, here is Morag McFiggin. And she is not amused.

Metal. 25mm base. Sculpted by Michael Lovejoy.


Balin, son of Fundin, The Lorekeeper comes from Lead Adventure Miniatures’ 2017 “Dwarven Gold Fever” kickstarter. Every King should have a sage/magician/advisor in his court.

Metal. 30mm base. Sculpted by Igor Karpov


This one did not end up in the final photo:

She is Olka the Blessed from the 2013 Oathsworn Heroes of the Dwarfs kickstarter. (Not to be confused with the 2013 Oathsworn Heroes kickstarter that was earlier in the year.) She is Kissed by Fire.


Telepath Lyta Alexander of Babylon 5 trailblazed the entirely black eyes when using her powers against the Shadows look…

Metal. 30mm base. Sculpted by Michael Lovejoy.


And now for something completely similar:

The terrain!

The main piece is from Febuary 2019 kickstarter The Skyless Realms by Evan Carothers. This campaign delivered -stl files for lots of Underdark-style minis and terrain pieces. I have shown off a few painted pieces from this KS earlier.  This piece is called The Mine Plateau, and is from the Mining Camp subset.

Such an excellent piece of scatter terrain, with a top mostly flat for placing minis but with some stalagmites around the edges.


Around from this I used some pieces from the August 2019 Clorehaven and the Goblin Grotto kickstarter by Printable Scenery. These are three different grotto walls.

All these terrain pieces were painted rapidly by first applying a black undercoat. I used thick black gesso that I brushed on with a very big brush. Not sure if this actually helped smooth out printlines or not. It certainly did not obscure any detail. Then a heavy drybrush of dark green/grey followed by sandy yellowbrown and topped by offwhite. Really quick and effective, just make sure each coat is dry before brushing on the next.


What I drank last night would have floored a rhinocerous! Come around sometime, have a look at the underside of my table!


These were painted in September.


Painted so far this year:   (Miniatures:  366 /365 goal // scenery and terrain: 56)

January: 30

February: 44   //  10

March: 17

April: 45

May: 46

June: 4

July: 42  //  38

August: 70

September: 45 //  12

October: 2

Future LPL13-entries etc that I cannot post quite yet: 21

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