July I

Getting a little painting done to start off the month.

Going left to right:

These are Nightstalker Spectres, from the Nightstalker faction in the Kings of War universe. Specifically, they are from the Vanguard Nightstalker set.
Hard plastic HIPS minis that come on a sprue with components enough so you can build either five of these or five of the Scarecrows.
I based them on 25mm rounds instead of their “proper” 20mm squares used in Kings of War and Vanguard.
A very quick paint job using contrast paints later, and I have some weird mutants or zombies or mutant zombies.

50235 Edna, Crazy Cat Lady

Reaper Miniatures, Chronoscope line.
Sculpted by Julie Guthrie
Metal, 25mm base
There are supposed to be a bunch of little cats all around her feet, but they seem to have scampered off somewhere.

7121 Griffon
Harlequin Miniatures
Metal, 80x40mm base

This is an old metal Harlequin Miniatures Gryphon (that they spelled Griffon) from their Fantasy Armies Monsters line. I bought it when new in the late 1990s, and it is yet another mini that I salvaged from the lead rot pile. I fixed it up with a spot of acrylic paste, printed an oval base for it and gave it a lick o’ paint.
I based the bird-parts colour scheme on the Norwegian Kongeørn (King Eagle) the largest bird in my country, not counting the farmed ostriches that definately are not a native species. And, of course, the lion parts colour scheme is inspired by the African lion.

This guy is from the Bones 5 core set. I do not know what he is called or any other specifics.
I see I went overboard with glossing up his bald pate, Jean-Luc style.

Bones Black hard PVC
25mm base.

Another older mini, this is Cedric the Doughty – halfling Paladin from the 2013 Oathsworn Miniatures “Heroes” kickstarter. This was before Oathsworn found their calling with the Burroughs and Badgers miniatures.

I have a bunch of those minis ready and waiting for some paint.

I think of him as a Knight of the Holy Order of the Hot Cross Bun.

The Bear Cub, a companion animal to one of the Kid Heroes in the Bones 5 Core Set.
Bones Black hard PVC
25mm base.

The Fox from the 02848 Familiars Pack V set.
Sculpted either by Sandra Garrity or by Michael Brand.
Metal 30x20mm base

Total painted so far this year:  302 / 365. Just 63 to go!

January: 31 + 9
February: 34 + 17
March: 50 + 2
April: 46
May: 30
June: 52 + 8
July: 13 + 12

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  1. Really like the Halfling and the Fox, but that Gryphon totally steals the show! What a beauty!

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