Belated March

I have been doing other things the last couple of weeks, so now I need to play catch up.

“44170 Circe and Pigs”, this is one of the pigs.
Bones 5 Greek Odyssey expansion
Sculpted by Christine Van Patten
Bones Black hard PVC
25mm base

Goblin Fighter
Bones 5 core set
Sculptor unknown
Bones Black Hard PVC
25mm base

Dwarf King’s Ghost
from the Bones 5 Dwarf King’s Crypt add on
Sculptor unknown
Translucent blue bones black
32mm base

Troll with a Pot Helmet
Bones 5 core set
Bones Black hard PVC
50mm integral base

02987 Maugramak, Ghast Lord
Reaper Dark Heaven Legends line
Sculpted by James van Schaik
37mm base

30008 Alaedril Starbloom, Elf Wizard
Reaper Legends line
Sculpted by Bobby Jackson
Bones USA SioCast
30mm base

89007 Valeros, Iconic Human Fighter
Bones 1 core set, pathfinder iconics subset
Sculpted by Bobby Jackson
Classic White rubbery PVC
30mm base

Lil’ Devil
Bones 5 Fan Favorites expansion
Sculptor unknown
Bones Black hard PVC
25mm base

Kid Hero’s Cat
Bones 5 core set
Sculpted by Christine Van Patten
Bones Black hard PVC
25mm base

All Out War for March:

Halfling Zombies
Troll Trader / TTcombat
20mm bases

A troop unit of 15 models for the GUSFAGS undead army.

Painted so far this year: 132

January: 86
February: 22
March: 24

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