My Skaven army for Warhammer

So a quick tally:
I have not bothered actually making an army list, rather I have concentrated on getting the models both bought, assembled and painted. The main bulk of the army will consist of massed ranks anyway.

Pictures will appear when I get round to taking some.

23 Stormvermin, metal -done
16 Stormvermin, plastic -still on sprue
30 Plague Monks, plastic -primed
5 Rat Ogres, plastic -primed
30 Rats, assorted -primed

60 Clanrats or Slaves, new type -done
60 Clanrats or Slaves, new type -done
54 Clanrats or Slaves, new type -painting in progress
60 Clanrats or Slaves, new type -primed
60 Clanrats or Slaves, old type -primed
20 Clanrats or Slaves, old type -still on sprue

10 Mordheimers, use as some sort of runners. -done.

1 Doomwheel, metal -done
1 Doomwheel, plastic -still on sprue

2 Warp Lightning Cannon, metal -primed

6 Jezzails, metal -primed
2 Warpfire throwers, assorted -done
1 Warpfire throwers, metal -primed
2 Ratling Guns, metal -primed

assorted heroes, wizards, handlers etc. I need to make a list.

Hellpit abomination. I do not like that model. But I do have some nice subsitutes that should work.

Plagueclaw catapult, screaming bell and that other one. Do not have the models. Yet.

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