KoW Undead Mounted Revenant Knights, part 1


That “restic” spuncast plastic/resin material Mantic (and several others) have begun to use definately has it pros and cons.

The major pro is that it allows small companies with small budgets to get figures produced that are comparable to metal i the level of detail and flexible moulding allows for undercuts much like metal. However, the material is not easy to work with when it comes to flash and mold-lines. It does not like being scraped with a knife like metal and injection-molded plastic. Also it resists superglue slightly, making it abit diffucult  to glue together. However, it is light and much easier to drill and glue than metal.

I had to drill and pin all of these, and there are lots of gaps and such that need filling.

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  1. I find it hard work, particularly as it bends easy and needs a lot of hot-water reshaping, however I’m prepared to put up with it as it allows so many more companies to get in on the plastic business.

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