DreadBall MVP Crypt. AKA Ben Grimm

The Season six Crystallans are made in translucent blue plastic. But not the MVP.

(as with the Ada-Lorana MVP. Again, WTF Mantic!?! I am sure there is some practical production reason, But FFS! How much more could it possibly have cost to make these moulds together with the teams, or even just shoot these minis together with whoever also is on the same mould with the translucent plastic instead of the regular grey?)

And Crypt will only ever play with Crystallan Teams? Pah!


Seeing as this mini is not translucent, I went with a completely different colour scheme:

170304-mantic-dreadball-mvp-crypt-sidef or 170304-mantic-dreadball-mvp-crypt-sidefb

170304-mantic-dreadball-mvp-crypt-frontf or 170304-mantic-dreadball-mvp-crypt-frontb


170304-mantic-dreadball-mvp-crypt-sidebf 170304-mantic-dreadball-mvp-crypt-backf

Still not sure which backdrop to go with. Still need to play around with the settings on the camera.

I thought this colour scheme was fitting for a rockmanbearpigthing that has been esxposed to cosmic radiation. Or something.


And yes, the team will shortly be finished as well.


Crypt the Crystallan MVP

DreadBall, Season 6

Mantic Games


DreadBall Hex base


Painted so far this month: 7  / 31.  24 to go!

Painted so far this year: 71 / 365. Just 294 to go!

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