DreadBall revisited (featuring Board-to-Death March)

DreadBall was one of the early kickstarters from Mantic, back in 2012 or 2013. It has since had a couple of stand alone game variants, Xtreme and Ultimate, and a second edition. There are many teams and a slew of MVPs to choose from. I seem to have most of them…

The miniatures are in “restic”, the hard PVC that Mantic used to be known for, a material that has a lot of internet hate directed towards it.
Yes, it is difficult to clean up mould lines, some details are on the soft side, and there are a few really bad minis out there. Apart from that I think restic is perfectly fine for gaming miniatures. The detail level is almost as metal minis. The shallow details on these minis are more because of Mantic’s almost true scale approach to mini design than to any inherent trait of this material.
And they were cheap in comparison. Ten years ago, it was a new material for models that let small companies make cheap-ish plastic minis with an acceptable level of detail.
I don’t think any new minis have been made in this specific material for several years, the manufacturers having moved on to better variants of PVC and new thermoplastics such as Unicast and SioCast / Bones USA.

I have had these minis lying about, unpainted, for years. Back in the day when the hype was on and the minis were new, I painted a few of the teams and MVPs I got in the kickstarter. But for some reason I didn’t paint the base game.
So, this month I entered the models from the base game set in the Board to Death-event.

I have painted the lot, together with another team for a paintalong.
A note on the bases. I use the colours on the rims to indentity what position any given player is in. Green is striker, yellow is jack and red is guard. I have also used Orange for keeper in the past.
Some teams do not use all the positions, such as the Marauders only have guards and jacks, and the Judwans only have strikers.
I number the round plates on their backs.

So those are all the models from the base game. I also painted the Judwan team. The Judwan are “grey aliens”, thin and tall. The alien species are also pacifists, and will not do violence. Which is a bit of a non-starter as DreadBall is pretty violent as team-sports go.

DreadBall teams are in all pretty straight forward to knock out, having team colours much like the uniforms of a unit in a wargame.

But it rapidly gets to be a bit of a chore.

Right now I am already pretty sick of painting these minis, so it will probably be some time before I do any more.
On the bright side, I have gotten three more teams done. Just a bunch more to go. Yay!

Total painted so far this year: 145 / 365. Just 220 to go!

January: 31 + 9
February: 34 + 17
March: 50 + 2

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  1. Cool paintjob, I like the way you painted different positions for the human team.
    Dreadball is such a great game, fast and fun, it’s a shame it doesn’t spread as easily as Blood Bowl.

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