Old-School Skullchucker

In the early to mid-90s Heartbreaker Hobbies was an American company that made their name producing metal miniatures in the style and scale of the popular Warhammer, primarily using sculptors who also had made miniatures or otherwise worked for GW such as Chaz Elliot, Phil Lewis, Tim Prow and Kev Adams. The company merged with Target Games which made Warzone and Chronopia, and which subsequently went bankrupt a couple of years later before the turn of the century.
I have a good few of the older metal models from back in the day.
A few years ago, Impact! miniatures had a kickstarter with most if not all of these fantasy minis sorted into sets, and the minis were produced in spun-cast resin. The skeleton catapult and crew here is from an “Fantasy artillery” set that also features ratmen (skaven) and goblin wooden rocket artillery bits.
I believe these minis were sculpted by Phil Lewis, based on the stylistical similarities with the undead minis range he is on record sculpting for Heartbreaker.

So I made it into a diorama-style artillery piece for the ever-growing legions of the Undead.

On the base is also half a Mantic skeleton, two resin ruined corner-walls by Oathsworn and a skull-covered cavalry base of unknown make I had lying around. All permanently mounted on a 120mm diameter base I printed for the purpose.

I am slowly growing the Imperial forces for Star Wars Legion. At some point I will probably need to buy the game itself.

These are the Death Troopers from Rogue One. Accurate Storm Troopers! Should have gotten Krennic at the same time.
They are painted with matte and semi-gloss blacks and look good close up. On the table they are tactical black and not much else. At least they are easy to distinguish from the normal Storm Troopers.

The sculpts are very nicely detailed and posed.
This is how PVC-miniatures can be done right. Bloody expensive though.

Total painted so far this year:  354 / 365. Just 11 to go!

January: 31 + 9
February: 34 + 17
March: 50 + 2
April: 46
May: 30
June: 52 + 8
July: 60 + 17

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  1. That’s a pretty awesome one! 😀

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