Ghostly Pirates

My schedule is increasingly packed these days, so painting time is getting scarce. These are even more speedpainted than usual, just minutes spent on each with some drying time in between.

The Ghost Pirate subset that was added to the Bones 4 core set during the last day of the kickstarter campaign.

These are made in translucent green material.

The key to painting translucents are first to undercoat with clear varnish. I used Vallejo matte varnish through my airbrush. The varnish lets the paint adhere to the plastic and avoids a lot of grief with paint beading or running away from where you want it to go. Then paint with predominantly translucent paint such as inks.


With these I tried a few different variations on how to paint them. First I gave them all a thin wash of Citadel Hexwraith Flame (the Nighthaunt green technical paint), making sure to wick up any pooling. This wash helped create some contrast, which in turn let me actually see some of the details.

When dry, I used Vallejo Dark Grey Model Wash on the heads, exposed bone bits and other details on most of them. After this was dry, I went in with Reaper Dungeon Slime, a bright and pale green, with high density pigment. (Which really is not ideal for translucents, as this is a really opaque paint.) But I wanted to try this out. The results …varied.

I decided to quickly be done with them and covered the base in my autumn flock mix as usual.

A little to quickly it seems, as there still is flock and static grass in unsightly places as seen in the photos. I will be removing said offending matter as soon as I can be bothered.



The banshee or female ghost is the one I think worked the best.

Here I only drybrushed very very lightly with the Dungeon Slime, just to accent the raised details Then I used old Citadel Turquoise Glaze from the top to the waist, easying up a bit the further down I went with the brush. After that I used Old Citadel Blue Ink on and around the head and shoulders.  I used Orange Ink on the face and exposed flesh bits in front and wicking most of it away after a short while so that just a hint was left. I did some further light drybrushing with dungeon slime then pure white at the ends of the wispy trails. The wood was done in opaques, whatever browns, bones and greys were on my palette at the time, and given a dark grey wash. Eye in Vallejo Magic blue and Reaper Copper Verdigris.



This one I drybrushed more heavily (and also globbed some straight on) with the dungeon slime, and again with DS mixed with white ending lightly with pure white at the tips. The bottles were carfylly stained with Citadel Reikland Fleshshade wash, wiped off and then once again. The face and chest was the Dark Grey wash, and also some Reikland Fleshshade in the mouth-area. Eyes in Vallejo Magic blue and Reaper Copper Verdigris.



Here I went much more heavily in with the Dungeon Slime, and further mixes with white, and pure white at the edges. The head, chest, hands and sabre was given a dark grey wash. The sabre was then given a thin coat of Scalecolor Black Metal painted on while the grey wash was still wet, which resulted in an excellent see-through metal effect. Eyes in Vallejo Magic blue and Reaper Copper Verdigris. The dead man’s chest was done in different browns and black metal.



This one is really off centre because of the base. I have simply glued the integral bases to the 30mm rounds, which keeps the original off-centre feel of the model.

Here is a simple drybrush with the dungeon slime, then with white. Dark Gray wash on the face, hair, hands and sabre. The sabre was then given a thin coat of Scalecolor Black Metal painted on while the grey wash was still wet, which resulted in an excellent see-through metal effect. Eyes in Vallejo Magic blue and Reaper Copper Verdigris.



Here I have tried edge-highlighting, that is painting the edges directly with the brush and not drybrushing or similar other techniques. I am not really satisfied with the results, but live and learn. It would seem I have been a bit heavy handed or even missed what I have been aiming at here and there. The other bits are painted in the same way as above, apart fromt he monkey on his back that was first done in brown ink, but did not work. So I went over it with two tones of brown paint instead.

Oh, and I used black ink on the eyepatch. The boathook was not painted with dark gray wash first, but just edge highlighted with Scalecolor Amethyst Metal.This makes it more ethereal I think.

The shaft was given a stripe of dark brown.


Yeah, so that is them done. Onward and upward!


I should have worn more clothes, it suddenly got very cold!


#155-159, the Ghost Pirate subset

Bones 4 Core set, 2019

Reaper Miniatures

Sculpted by Julie Guthrie

Made in Translucent Green Bonesium PVC

30mm bases.

should be available from some time in the future in Bones. Currently available in metal.


Painted so far this year:   (Miniatures:  32 /365 goal // scenery and terrain: 0)

January: 32




Bones 4 core set: 122/163 just 41 to go! 

The Bones 4 core set:







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