New Year!

A mixed bag of minis for the first week of the year.

Frank Buck aka Alabama Smith
Bones 5 Chronoscope expansion
Bones Black PVC
25mm integral base
As yet unreleased

This is a remake of an earlier Bones model, with better details and sharper everything.

Otter Pirate
Bones 5 Brinewind Expansion
Bones Black PVC
25mm integral base
As yet unreleased

Oyster Familiar (from the Otter Pirates group)
Bones 5 Brinewind Expansion
Bones Black PVC
25mm integral base
As yet unreleased

77108 Shadow Dragon
Bones 1
Sculpted by Sandra Garrity
Bones classic rubbery PVC
80x40mm base

14502 Necropolis Ghast
Warlord line, Necropolis faction
Sculpted by Tre Manor
32mm base

Lil’ Ghoul
Not entirely sure, but I think it is RAFM, mythos line, maybe I am completely mistaken at this is a 15mm or 20mm scale model from some other line.
Very hard metal
25mm base

From a pack called UND037 Ghosts
Warmonger Miniatures
30mm base

This model came from a second hand lot I bought or traded for a few years ago. I do not have any of the other models in the blister pack it originally came in. Also I thought is was Wargames Foundry. Maybe it was at some point and these “Warmonger miniatures” (that I don’t think I have heard of before) have bought the line?

Old Baron of Midlam and Lady Clarissa de Collate
from the Ghosts of Midlam Manor kickstarter
Midlam Miniatures
Sculpted by Martin Baker
25mm bases

Lady Clarissa has lost her left hand, in addition to her head. By this I mean the model is supposed to have a hand, but it had broken off at some point. I can’t remember if this is before or after I got the mini.

Also, the first completed expansion for Board to Death 2

Hellfire Succubi from the Mission pack of the same name
Shadows of Brimstone
I painted these with three different base colours before the red, which gives a subtle difference in the models. This does not show up well in the pictures.

These are native to Cynder, so the burnt-looking bases.

Painted so far this year: 15

January: 15

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