AoW2 and BtD2: What I have entered for 2023

The minipainting discord has relaunched both the All Out War and The Board to Death year-long events for 2023. Just the sort of thing I need to motivate me to actually not only get started on, but also even finish some minis that have been standing about idle for god knows how long.

“AoW2” is the All Out War event, where participants enter lists and pictures of one or more unpainted armies they have and intend to paint during the year. There are bonus points for painting and posting pictures of some each month, and they have teased that there will be extra challenges throughout the year in connection to this event. They last did this event in 2021.

“BtD2” is the Board to Death event, where the goal is to paint minis from board games. I participated in this event last year and the rules are more or less the same this year.

So, what have I entered with already?


I have entered two armies for starters:

First the Night Goblins, er- Gloomspite Gitz

1 Loonking
1 Loonboss
1 Fungoid Shaman
50 stabbas
17 shootas
10 Boingrot Bounderz
3 Rock Troggoths

83 models in all, 1 of which counts as large on a 60x35mm base. (“large” is defined as on a 60mm or larger base for this event.)
I do expect to add some units to this army and end up at the 100-120 model mark before year’s end. These are just what I have prepped and ready to go.

Generic Undead Suitable For Any Game System

This army starts with all the Mantic Kings of War Vanguard undead models I haven’t already painted, and when these are done I intend to slow grow add to it with models from many sources to end up with a proper Horde of the Dead. At least that is the idea.

1 Lizardman Necromancer
1 Barrow Wight
1 Grave Digger Ghoul
2 Ghouls
2 Orc Zombies
3 1/2 Human Zombies
1 Human Skeleton Crossbow
10 1/2 Human Skeletons, hand weapon & shield
1 Giant Rat (or is it a Dog) Skeleton

22 (and two half) models in all.
All count as small.

And also, the BtD2:

For the Board to Death 2 event I will continue down the rabbit holes known as Star Saga, Shadows of Brimstone, Forbidden Fortress and Warhammer Underworlds.

Star Saga expansions:

Star Saga Character and mission creator expansion: 6 models.

Star Saga Terror in the Deep expansion: 22 models

Star Saga Retake the Blackstar Station expansion: 19 models

Star Saga The Devils Betrayal expansion: 19 models

Forbidden Fortress

Forbidden Fortress: Temple of Shadows expansion (remaining to do): 18 models

Shadows of Brimstone

Shadows of Brimstone: Hellfire Succubi Expansion: 6 models

Shadows of Brimstone: Flesh Harvester and Drones expansion: 7 models

Warhammer Underworlds

Warhammer Underworlds: The Exiled Dead expansion: 7 models

104 models. That should do for starters.

So, each month I will need to do at least 5 models of each event. Realistically, I will need to paint closer to 10 of each of these each month.

All this in addition to the RCL and any paintalongs I choose to participate in.

I expect to do a unit or two each week on average, which should be doable. in which case I hope to finish all of these off before or during the summer holidays at the latest. I do have rather a lot more to enter once these are done…

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