Temple of Shadows: The Heroes

Forbidden Fortress is the third stand alone game set (this time set in Fantasy Feudal Japan) for the wierd west / horror/ scifi mashup dungeon crawler game Shadows of Brimstone. Temple of Shadows is the first major expansion to Forbidden Fortress, introducing four new hero classes, a bunch of new enemies, cards, rules and map tiles, with new areas to explore for both the forbidden fortress world and the otherworld Belly of the Beast.

For some obscure reason, I have chosen to paint the heroes from this expansion before the heroes from the main game.

Here they are with their alternate gender mini. I really like this about Shadows of Brimstone; that they make each hero in both genders, even what would normally be a gender specific role like Geisha.
I know myself well enough to say that if I do not paint both versions when I have the impetus to paint one of them, the second one probably will never get painted. So I do both at once.
Still, I started these last year and periodically lost interest. They have taken ages to complete, with not all that great paint jobs at that. I generally suck at freehand, which is painfully evident on these.

Geishas. That parasol broke off after an unplanned trip to the floor and was very difficult to reattach. I used metallic paints to look like shiny silks

Soldiers. Standard red and blue.

Enforcers. Which in FFJapanese terms means Yakuza, massive tattoos and all. Proper yakuza-style tattoos are really intricate so I hinted at them with dots and lines of colour. Good enough for table top use, does not stand up to close inspection.

I based the female on Lady Snowblood / or rather O-Ren Ishii in the final duel scene with the Bride in Kill Bill vol 1, which drew heavily on the Lady Snowblood movie.

Kitsune. Mythical fox-people from Japanese folklore. Here my freehand broke down, and turned it all in to simple dots and squiggles. Gah!

All of them are on 30mm bases, and made in HIPS polystyrene plastic.

So that is those heroes done. Just need to paint all the other Forbidden Fortress minis, there are quite a few left to do. In addition to the Shadows of Brimstone minis left from the first KS. Three or four large tray/boxes full of prepped minis to go.

These minis were completed January 24th 2021.

Painted so far this year:   (Miniatures:  27 / 365 goal // scenery and terrain: 0)

January: 27

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