And a random roundup

Some scenery and just a couple minis for the random roundup this week.

The walls of skulls are 3D-prints, designs from the Asgard Rising patreon. They are available from MyMiniFactory for just a couple bucks.

I printed two of the long one, here they are the leftmost and rightmost.

All in all, you’re just another brick in the wall…

These are printed on my Elegoo Mars Pro using water washable resin, and painted with Vallejo Israeli Sand primer, drybrushed with Vallejo buff, then given a wash of Citadel Skeleton Horde Contrast paint. When bone dry, drybrushed carefully with Reaper Vampire Highlight. Some brown around the base and my autumnal flockmix and done.

Random mini #1:

“Female Warrior with Spear”

This is a new casting by Impact! Miniatures of a mini originally realeased by Heartbreaker Miniatures sometime in the early to mid 1990s.

This is from the set “Chaz Elliot 17 Chaos Army” as released in spuncast resin by Impact! through a kickstarter campaign some years ago to rerelease many of the old Heartbreaker models. I have since learned that Ral Partha Europe also have several of these minis available in metal. Impact! has the sets available in their webshop.

This however, is made in spun-cast resin. The hot water trick does not work properly on this material which is why I can’t get that spear straight!

“Female Warrior with Spear”
original code 5023 in Heartbreaker’s “Fantasy Chaz Elliot” line.

Sculpted by Chaz Elliot
25mm base

Random mini of the week #2


A 3D print, design by Epic Miniatures

What you lookin’ at?

These minis were completed January 24th 2021.

Painted so far this year:   (Miniatures:  29 / 365 goal // scenery and terrain: 5)

January: 29 // 5

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