TTCombat: Halfling Spirits

Late last year TTCombat, the wargaming supplies branch of Troll Trader, the large and successful British miniatures shop on Ebay, held a kickstarter campaign called “Halflings and Fantasy Friends”. This campaign featured… well, Halflings for the most part (duh!) and also a buch of monsters. All in a cartoony style, in resin and all at […]

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Bones 4: Knights

The subset called “knights” in the Bones 4 core set.   I did these at the same time as the two heroes in the last post. These are more NPC or henchmen-types. Wait a minuite! Do I really think that just because they have covered faces? Dang! I chose to use plain white capes, loincloths […]

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Bones 4: in Shining Armour

Time for something not monstery but maybe from a monastery. From the Bones 4 core set a female paladin-type and a male foot knight-type. Seeing as they are as of yet unreleased I will henceforth call these minis by their numeric designations on the Bones 4 core set graphic (as seen at the bottom of […]

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Bones 1: Fire Giant Bodyguard

From the first Bones kickstarter, or rather, a purchase I made soon after since I did not add on the “Fire Giant Warriors” subset. As I have written earlier, I am grinding through getting the older versions of the Giants painted, as the newer versions are both 1) better detailed, and 2) a lot larger. […]

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Not your common or garden spider

A metal miniature I traded for some time ago, this is the Monstrous Spider from Heresy Miniatures. I added a resin webbed-up victim which I had from ages past, I think it is from Grendel Producions. The base is 120mm x 90mm 3D-print. The metal Monstrous Spider went out of print several years ago, but […]

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Ghouls’ Night Out

Moving to the Tray of Miniatures that are Prepared And Ready To Paint #42, we come to this little group of Ghouls that are out and about with their Strigoi chaperone. Originally released for Warhammer Fantasy Battles 5th edition back in 1999 (they say 1998 on the slotta tab) 32 of the blighters including one […]

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Bones 3+4 Goblins

Delving into the Bones 4 core set, we start by pulling out the 24 bonus goblins that originally were in the Bones 3 core set. And add to them the 12 that I have from the previous kickstarter for a grand total of 36 goblins, 6 each of 6 different sculpts. I actually think I […]

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