Reaper Challenge League 2021 edition: March

A clean sweep also for March, and all the quarterly challenges met for the first quarter to boot.


Player character:

80007 The Black Mist as The Silver Shroud


77086 Townsfolk: Strumpet as Trixie Maneater

March Theme: Toy Soldier (any soldier / armoured mini)

02795 Paladin Initiate as “Holier” Dan Thou

New release

30002 Darius the Wizard as Darius the Bluebeard

Limited palette:

Green, Purple and Gold
77275 Kelpie (the other one of the two in the set)

77070 Aviriel Tellerion, Female Elf


44099 Tidal Lurker as Nukalurk

Freebie / Shelf of Shame
Necron Warrior of the Black Pharaoh

The rest of the Quarterly challenges :

Heavy Conversion:

 Demon Lord Porkus, Supreme Master of the Undead.
Based on a Reaper Rock Troll, with Oldhammer boars head and warhawk wings, plus a dollop of brown stuff putty.


The Twee of Wuv
Made of the 44131 Tree of Despair, with the 77546 Barbarian Mouslings.

Q1 Large Group 4+

I entered two different large groups (4+ painters, cooperative, each paints a different model to some agreed upon theme) on the same day back in Jan/Feb as I had not got the response from the first when I was offered a spot in the second group. So I joined both.
It is OK to enter several cooperative categories in the same period, just make sure to let the mods know you are not to get extra points when making the second and subsequent posts.

Blue Moon Werecreatures theme

This is 77623 Avatar of Courage
From Bones 3 “Avatars” add-on
Sculpted by Jason Wiebe
Bones classic white PVC
40mm base

I’ll show you mighty -thewed!

Just Kitten Around cat people theme

This is 44117 Mal, Catfolk Warrior
Sculpted by Julie Guthrie
Bones 4 Fan Favorites Expansion
Bones Black PVC
25mm base

Both of these were painted all the way back in end of January.

Painted so far this year:   (Miniatures:  69 / 365 goal // scenery and terrain: 6)

January: 38 // 5
February: 20
March: 11 / 1

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