August, cont.

I have spent some time sorting through some of my old unpainted minis. I had to throw away various basket cases with lead rot, and salvaged others. So I have not done all that much painting this last week, just the above eight.

Going left to right again

A Halfling Zombie Bust from TTcombats Halfling and Fantasy Friends kickstarter. This was painted for the “Bust” category in the Reaper Challenge League. Mainly to see if I would actually score the points for a very small bust like this. (I did.)
unknown sculptor
Resin, 20mm base

Remember the Fungoids I painted a few weeks ago?

This is the third (and last) in the same retail pack:

Pretty different, don’t you think?
44056 Fungoid
Reaper Bones 4 Darkreach expansion
Sculpted by Christine Van Patten
Bones Black hard PVC, 25mm base
Painted for the RCL August limited palette challenge.

One of the Arachno Assassins made in metal by Reaper in their Dark Heaven line.
“Arachno Assassin”…someone must have been watching several episodes of He-Man or something when they came up with that name.
Anyway, they work as some sort of speedbumps for a party of low-to-midlevel adventurerers out to foil the machinations of some necromancer.

02284 Arachno Assassin
Sculpted by Bob Ridolfi
metal, 30mm base

77511 Xiloxoch, Naga
From Bones 3 Stoneskull expansion
Sculpted by Julie Guthrie
Bones classic PVC, pretty decent on this mini.
50mm base

I painted this for a no-points duo or trio in the RCL, mainly as I would probably not ever have painted this mini without the impetus of needing it for something.

The snake colours are inspired by an albino anaconda. I was thinking of an albino ball python, but seeing as this Naga was made to look Pre-Hispanic South American I went with the anaconda, seeing as it is native to that region and the Python is not.

44106 Mocking Beast (Bed)
from the Bones 4 Fan Favorites expansion
Sculpted by Kevin Williams
Bones Black hard PVC
65mm base

This mini arrived assembled from the kickstarter, and with both upper bed-posts broken off. (One of the few damaged bones I have seen. Bones Black is much harder and more rigid then classic, and therefore more prone to breakages. Still much less brittle than most resins though.)
I fixed the bedposts, but it was too difficult to get at the join to both align the parts properly and sand them smooth. Especially since there is a lot of detail going on there.
So I let it be, not even trying to fill the crack.

Imma gonna sticc ya

A Cactusman from TTcombats Desert of the Dead kickstarter.
50mm base

Next time I do something like this I will leave the spikes green. ’nuff said.

A random mini from Mars Attacks! that was floating around all by itself in one of my trayboxes. Pretty easy paint scheme so I just did it. And it reminded me why most of the Mars Attacks! minis still are lounging unpainted. Small scale, soft details, bad mould lines.

one of the Heroes of Greenville.
Mars Attacks! kickstarter, 2013
Mantic Games
PVC, 25mm integral base

Another orphan in the trays.
Ten’Ur Go, the Cypher special character. Asterian faction
Warpath / Deadzone
Mantic Games
unknown sculptor
Metal, 30mm base

Painted so far this year:   (Miniatures:  219 / 365 goal // scenery and terrain: 6)
January: 38 // 5
February: 20
March: 11 / 1
April: 8
May: 13
June: 20
July: 87 
August: 22

[per day #222: -3] getting there, slowly.

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