Golden Button X

I have not been active with updating my projects on the ontabletop site for some time, not sure why really. Probably the RCL that has been monopolizing what little time and attention for painting miniatures I have had since new year’s.
But I have had some time off over the summer, which has given med the the mental capacity to get more stuff done.
So, the other day I posted about Narglauth in my “It’s not Tat, it’s Big Bones” project, the one where I showcase my larger Bones models.

And this week I was awarded my tenth golden button.

Community Spotlight

OnTableTop / Beasts of War have a -as far as I know- unique “project system” in their proprietary platform, where members can create “projects” much like a mini blog. I use this system to collate a few of my …well, projects really. Collating posts from this blog with similar themes, such as The Others board game, or Nurgle minis, or as in this case, my larger Bones models.
Each week, The Golden Button Award is given out to three posts in the forums or projects made on the site, and that catch the eye of the staff there for whatever reason. It is not a competition, but rather a way to encourage the community to post on the site and to highlight and show off members’s pieces the staff particularily takes a fancy to.
If you are unfamiliar with, go have a look, and discover a great community of miniatures- and wargames enthusiasts, with remarkably low levels of internet toxicity.

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  1. Hey bud, your posts are great, not only are they super nicely painted but I cant get myself to buy a mini without seeing what a good painter can do with it. Great resource

  2. Hey bud, your posts are great. Not only are they amazingly painted but I cant bring myself to buy a miniature unless I can see what a good painter can do with it. Great resource.

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