Board to Death: February

Plonking away at the remaining Star Saga and Silver Tower models for the minipainting discords Board to Death yearlong event.

This month I managed these:

The Stormcast and the Slayer heroes from Silver Tower.
At this rate, I might finish the models from this game before Halloween…

I painted the Slayer in the vein of the “Slayers are Magic” WU warband I painted some time ago, this time as Applejack. Luckily the colours of that pony are not all that unnatural so this slayer won’t stick out like a sore thumb when playing Silver Tower.

Warhammer Quest – Silver Tower:

4/20 painted, 16 to go

And Ogan Helkkare the Space Dwarf, er, Forge Father mercenary from Star Saga, together with two of his contraptions and most of the remaning scenery models, 17 pieces in all.
I disliked painting the scenery items, and it shows. They are uninspired, stodgy, badly painted drek. I am not sure why I found them so unappealing. They actually were a mental block, that caused me to procrastinate and I had to force myself to paint them, so could not be arsed to do any better than this. At least they are done, and ok enough for play use.

Star Saga: The Eiras Contract base game set + KS exclusives
I originally had 84 models, including the scenery and the little mine-thingies left to paint. I have done a few of them earlier.

34/84 painted, 50 to go

Total painted so far this year: 90 / 365. Just 275 to go!

January: 31 + 9
February: 33 + 17

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