Board to Death going forward.

After I finished the Star Saga and Silver Tower bits I had entered into the Board to Death event earlier this month, I had nothing left on the Board to Death slate.
Now, I do have a great deal of minis prepared and ready to paint, from board games that could fit the event, including expansions for Star Saga, the Conan boardgame, Lobotomy, warbands from Warhammer Underworlds, Dreadball teams and even Sedition Wars. Also several shelves’ worth of kickstarted games that still have all the minis in the boxes, never having been cleaned up and prepared to paint. Honestly, I cannot face opening another game to prep the minis right now, I need to clear out some of my existing minis first. And by the same token, clear out some mental space.
So we come to Shadows of Brimstone and it’s third core game Forbidden Fortress.

Shadows of Brimstone is a dungeon crawler in a Wierd West setting with Lovecraftian overtones, and portals to otherworlds which can be anything at all. There are two core set games, one with a swamp-themed otherworld and one with a wintery ruins of an ancient alien civilization-themed otherworld.
The first kickstarter they ran blew up, and the massive fulfilment took several years to arrive across three shipments. Then they did a second kickstarter called Forbidden Fortress which resulted in a third core set and several expansions with a mythic Japanese feudal theme, and several new otherworlds. All in all a metric butt-ton of miniatures and a forest worth of boards, rules, tokens and cards.

I have painted rather a lot of the Shadows of Brimstone miniatures since the initial delivery back in 2015, but still I think I have more left unpainted than painted…
Time to do something about that. I have sorted the remaining minis into expansions and whatnot and taken some pictures.
So, for the forseeable future I expect I will be entering one or two expansions at a time and finishing them before entering the next.

This also lets me deal with the minis in small groups and not a massive flood.

I might very well vary this a bit with minis from other games, but right now at least I don’t think I want to do another big box set of 50+ models that need to be painted before I can move on.

According to the Board to Death rules, an expansion must contain 5 minis or more to count in the event. The only exceptions are single very large minis (more than 150mm in size), that can count as well.
So, anyway, I have entered the following:

The Four XXL enemies that fit the criteria of 150mm+ that I have left to paint:

The Sand Kraken
The Ancient One
Belial, Last of the Shadow Kings
Sho-Ryu the Dragon King

And, to clear our the mental space:

The remaining minis from the Forbidden Fortress Core Game Set

I have already painted the Dishonoured Dead and the Acid Tentacles from the set.

It would not be right to enter expansions in the event without having the core set completed. I feel I need to get the core set done before I can move on to any of the expansions.

So I have done just that. Now I can breathe freely again, and do the painting in expansion-sized chunks instead of massive hordes.

The heroes: Assassin, Sorceress, Samurai and Travelling Monk.

And since they make alternate gender heroes for this game, I need to paint them at the same time, or they will not be done:

I kept them simple.

The Living Statue.
(Yes, I know they did not have bronze statues in Feudal Japan. So what? This is not a historical miniature. This is Fantasy.)

Harionago. Japan’s version of Rapunzel. If Rapunzel was an evil man-eating ghoul-witch with barbed tentacle hair.

Oni. Ogre-demons. Or Ogre Magi as they were called in AD&D.

Tengu. Masked birdmen with swords.

Not much else done the last two weeks.

Total painted so far this year:  328 / 365. Just 37 to go!

January: 31 + 9
February: 34 + 17
March: 50 + 2
April: 46
May: 30
June: 52 + 8
July: 39 + 12

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