Shadows of Brimstone: All the wave 1.5 resin Heroes

In a spurt of “let’s get this over with” I have painted the rest of the wave 1.5 heroes for Shadows of Brimstone.

17 of them finished today, which together with the Nun and the two Orphans I did earlier make the full set of 20, as follows:


A note about the resin used. I see that there is a lot of hate directed towards the resin models, mainly because of the greasy release agent used not being easy to remove, and that many people prefer plastic for ease of gluing and such. I think many of the complainers are boardgamers more than miniature modellists, which I certainly can see these models posing problems.

My experience was that with a good scrub in warm soapy water, most of the release agent went away.

A few of the models needed an extra coat of primer here and there, as I had not gotten the release grease properly off everywhere, but with that extra coat on I have had no problems. In this they are not really any worse than other resin models I have worked on.

One problem was that many of the parts were small, and had very small gluing surfaces (e.g. wrists to arms) but I got them stuck together by using activator spray on the  superglue to make it bond quickly. Luckily the resin is lightweight, so gluing a small joint is actually enough to hold the part. (Many of these would not have worked with metal miniatures!)

I avoided the small feet being small gluing surfaces altogether by using the vent-sprue bits still attached to the feet of the models as pins to fix them to the bases by drilling matching holes in the bases and cutting the vents to size instead of all the way off.


At any rate:

The models can roughly be divided in to three types. New Heroes, Alternate Genders and Alternate Poses.


Type 1:  4 completely new classes of Hero:



The Hero Outlaw male and female. These actually had their rule card delivered together with the base game sets in wave 1, but lacked a model.




The Drifter male and female. The male is an obvious reference to Clint Eastwoods character in the Good, the Bad and the Ugly movie.




The Prospector male and female. The male was the one mini out of all these that had a serious bent weapon issue. Alas, I could for some reason not be bothered to straighten it out in hot water before gluing, and now I am stuck with it like that.


and the orphans, male and female, painted earlier, included here for completeness’ sake.


Type 2: Alternate Genders:

These are gender-switched versions of the base game heroes



The female Gunfighter



The female Bandido (would not Bandida be more correct?)



The Piano Player, aka male saloon girl. Anyone care to guess which country he might hail from?



The Rancher male. I call him Zeb.



The female Lawman




The female Indian Scout. I tried for a Månestråle to the male’s Sølvpilen paint job. I had to change it a bit as this model is wearing rather more clothes than Månestråle ever did. These being Native American / Indian main characters from a 1970s-80s comic series set in the Wild West. This Belgian comic series was published weekly to immense popularity here in Norway. At the time there was not much else to do in this country but read some weekly comic magazines and play in the snow. Childrens television programming was a total of one half hour each afternoon at six o’clock  on the single (and state-owned) TV channel that existed before satellite TV was introduced in the mid 80s.



The female U.S. Marshall



and The Female Preacher, aka Nun with a Gun. Painted earlier, included for completeness’ sake.


Type 3: Alternate Poses

These are, like,  Flying Frog’s admission that the original plastic heroes in the base game are crap of lesser quality, and are replacements for said plastic heroes.



The female Rancher. I thought another blue dress would be a bit boring. So I went with green.



The male, sombrero-less Bandido. I originally painted him with a yellow shirt, until I remembered that the male Indian Scout had the same red trousers/yellow shirt/black hair colour combo. So I changed to a white shirt. Good thing I did, as I think it probably looks better this way anyway.




The Saloon Girl. I styled her after Maeve in Westworld. Even though this purple ended up a bit more towards pinkish than her reddish dress is.



The Male Gunfighter. I styled the paint job after Lieutenant Blueberry. Yes, you would be right in surmising I read alot of comics, especially in the 80s. Not much more to do at the time.


so that is the 20 resin heroes in wave 1.5. These are all in resin and are on 30mm bases.

…and there are many more resin heroes to come in wave 2, whenever that arrives!



Painted miniatures so far this month: 33 / 31

Painted miniatures so far this year: 394 / 365 – Target met +29!

Painted Terrain pieces and bits so far this year: 74




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