Shadows of Brimstone: Random Large Enemies

Travelling back to Shadows of Brimstone, the wierd west tentacular horror scifi mashup dungeon crawler!

Beyond the base game sets there are loads of expansions to add to the game, thanks to the kickstarter blowing up beyond Flying Frogs wildest expectations. The delivery should have been August 2014 according to the KS campaign itself. The base game shipment was delayed but I got mine just before new years 2015, not all that bad a delay, all things considered.

However, I am still waiting for wave 2 of the kickstarter delivery, and although they reportedly have been sending out shipments since this summer, since I live in a RoW country I am at the back end of the delivery queue. That it would take alot of time to complete all they funded in the KS is totally understandable, and my fear was that they would go under in the meantime, as time = money.

Because of this, I opted to pay for the Wave 1,5 delivery a year or so ago (which cost me a cool $125 in shipping  plus extra customs taxes and fees) to get what was available at that time in hand to be on the safe side) and have a few sets from that big box left to do; so I am not exactly lacking in stuff to paint for this game.

I have enjoyed painting the SoB minis alot, even though the quality of details are a bit so-so on the older stuff. Since the quality is getting markedly better the newer the sculpts are, I have high hopes for the Forbidden Fortress japanese styled third base game they had a second KS for earlier this year.

Back to minis on the table:

Today I decided to paint up a few of the larger enemy packs:




The Dark Stone Brutes, giant mutated hulking monsters that once were men. Now they are amalgamations of of flesh, rock and darkstone,  and part of the Scafford Gang. The Scafford gang being the largest outlaw band of mutants and misfits that are harassing and attacking good folks throughout the  West.

Little Benji,  all grown up and filled out…


These are probably some of the earliest minis Flying Frog made outside the base games, as they are more soft in the details than later minis, and also the plastic itself has that “early feel” to it. I don’t know how else to describe it. It is a texture/ colour/smell thing. Later minis are in a different variant of HIPS plastic. I belive they have changed manufacturers. The sprue says “2014” which all the earliest are.

These come in “The Dark Stone Brutes Enemy pack” together with their stat cards.

next the Void Hounds:


Thoroughly unpleasant critters to encounter down some cold and dark mine shaft…


Large enough to ride. Might be a spot of bother breaking them to the saddle…

Basically, interdimentional attack dogs / murder monsters with far too many teeth. And eyes.

These are from the “Masters of the Void Deluxe Enemy Pack”, which also includes three Void Sorcerors, who are tentacle-faced book-and-dagger wielding high priestlike entities from beyond time and space. Deep into Lovecraft territory here. At any rate, the Void Sorcerors are still on the to-do shelf.


The Hell Vermin are from one of the two enemy packs released to retail  that were not part of the kickstarter.


Ratlike, two headed, monstrously large and very, very viscious.

Probably takes a few boxes of bullets to put down one of those.


And the two Targa Pylons, completing the Custodians of Targa Enemy Pack:




All of these are made of HIPS polystyrene plastic. The Large Enemies are on 40mm bases, the human-sized ones are on 30mm.


Painted miniatures so far this month: 34 / 31

Painted miniatures so far this year: 325 / 365 -just 40 to go!

Painted Terrain pieces and bits so far this year: 74



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  1. That’s a cool bunch of minis you have there! Really like your colour choices!

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