Shadows of Brimstone: Caverns of Cynder Otherworld Expansion

Recently, There was a second Kickstarter campain for the game series Shadows of Brimstone, to fund a “third base set” set in Feudal Japan, complete with expansions featuring tentacled and/or undead horror versions of traditional Japanese monsters and characters such as Samurai, Ninjas, Tengu, Kitsune, Oni and such like up to an including the massive Sho-Riu the Dragon King! Woot!

Needless to say, I am again stoked for Shadows of Brimstone, and with all the wave 1.5 goodness being prepped and ready to go, what have I been waiting for?

Good question. I fall in to the trap of “too much to do, what to do, what to do?” yet again, casting about just doing this and that, starting something here, abandoning something there…

Yeah, So.

Shadows of Brimstone has released “Caverns of Cynder” as the first complete Otherworld Expansion beyond the two game sets. The expansion includes boards, cards and rules to play in the molten, burning Cynder otherword, including 3 miniatures of a new Large enemy type, the Lava Men.




161213-shadows-of-brimstone-caverns-of-cynder-lava-man 161213-shadows-of-brimstone-caverns-of-cynder-lava-man-side 161213-shadows-of-brimstone-caverns-of-cynder-lava-man-back

I think I am getting better at doing a burning/lava paint job.

I start with white all over. Then a heavy bright yellow drybrush, followed by golden yellow, then thinnish dark pink (Which sounds strange, but try it! The pink blends in and looks excellent on this!), followed by a dark reddish brown and topped with black. Each layer of drybrushing slightly lighter then the last, getting a magnificent gradient effect. This works really well when the minis has details to match.

The paint job looks bad until the last couple colours are put down, when suddenly wham!

Also it takes no time at all!

Some fitting music I like to listen to:


Caverns of Cynder repurposes two of the Swamps of Death base set monsters, to be the Souls of the Damned (The Hungry Dead) ghosts of dead adventurers that I painted a few weeks ago, and the Lava Bats (Hell Bats).  Luckily I got an extra set of minis as a part of the KS minecart pledge:

The paint job works really well…but if the minis don’t have particularily deep details, especially not made to look like lava,  not so much:

(this is also the case when I cannot be arsed to apply myself, and just slop the paint on really fast like with these)



161213-shadows-of-brimstone-caverns-of-cynder-lavabat-front 161213-shadows-of-brimstone-caverns-of-cynder-lavabat-back

I don’t really think these turned out all that well. They just look messy, and the tounges of blue flames did not work at all, the gradient just not there. groan. Oh well, can’t win ’em all. Not bothering to redo these, they are after all perfectly servicable.



Lava Men

Shadows of Brimstone: Caverns of Cynder Otherworld Expansion


Hell Bats (painted as Lava Bats)

Shadows of Brimstone: Swamps of Death game set

Flying Frog Productions

HIPS plastic

40mm and 30mm bases



Painted so far this month: 12

Painted so far this year: 376


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