Ye Pile of Olde: Papa Growler

Another ancient mini from around the turn of the century, the Big Bull of the Razorback Growlers, from FASA corp’s Vor: the Maelstrom game.

The game was a sci-fi skirmish game set in a universe dominated by “the maelstrom” which mashed bits of different worlds together, leading to many possible cultures clashing.

The Growlers were an alien race of massive brutes, probably sculpted by Kev Adams the Goblin King. They very much look like Squigs with massive body builder bodies jacked up on über-steoriods.

Case in point:

161211-vor-growler-razorback-bull-front 161211-vor-growler-razorback-bull-side 161211-vor-growler-razorback-bull-back


This is the last of the old Growlers I had left to paint, and it had gone missing for some time. I rediscovered it more than a year ago, and the mini has been sitting around on the little shelf on my paint station for ages, getting in the way and falling all over everything each time I moved it. The main reason for it to just stand there was my lack of inspiration on a colour scheme for it.

I found that enough was enough and just painted it without really considering any end result, and just went with the flow as it were. choosing colours as I went. The result was a bit strange, methinks.

And now it is off my little shelf. Suddenly it seems like something is missing from there. I will probably end up placing some other large mini there instead.


Growler Razorback Bull

Vor: the Maelstrom (year 1999)

by FASA corp.


50mm base


Painted so far this month: 3

Painted so far this year: 367

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