Year’s End: #366! Going big with RAGNAROKK!

Early this year I stated my year’s target challenge goal thingy to best the 2015 total of 270 and go all out to paint one for each day, 366 miniatures in all!

And lo, even with several week long painting pauses and doing other things; already early December we pass this number! Hoody Hoo!


So we go with the biggest of the large ones just for the hell of it!


161204-acheson-creations-ragnarokk-front 161204-acheson-creations-ragnarokk-back

Ragnarokk the Rokk monster! I got this “miniature” from a kickstarter by Acheson Creations. Acheson produce a load of how to put it …roughly detailed resin castings. But I really liked this one, and pledged for it on their 2013 kickstarter, and was delivered after the obligatory KS delays of several months… I have had it undercoated black on my top shelf some time (as it won’t fit on any of the lower shelves!)

An aside: I do not think I actually own the usual Sir Justin Forscale miniature, I went with Conan, as he is the measure of a man!

As is evident from the pictures, Ragnarokk is absolutely HUGE, at 24cm tall and a 12,5cm integral base!

Talk about your Greater Earth Elemental!


Ragnarokk the Rokk monster

From the game Kaiju Kaos

by Acheson Creations


12,5cm integral base


Painted so far this month: 2

Painted so far this year: 366  Goal for 2016 met!


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