Into the Silver Tower, part I: Where is the Fish? Fishy, Fishy, Fishy, Fish?

I have not been painting most anything the last month or so. But I have been building and prepping a lot of minis, such as the Shadows of Brimstone wave 1,5, a whole bunch of metal minis from trades and purchases, and the Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower game set. I don’t like to call it Warhammer Quest, because it isn’t really WQ. At all. It does not feel like it, does not look like it, does not smell like it…not even any doorways in it. WQ without doors? Inconceivable!

It is however a seperate game, and as such stands firmly on it’s own feet. Not bad at all.

It is also a massive monument to GW’s navel gazing IP and style. I mean, really! You dont play an Elf Wizard, you play the “Mistweaver Saih”, you don’t play a Barbarian, you play the “Darkoath Cheiftain”. You don’t play a Dwarf, you play the “Fyreslayer Doomseeker” and so on, and so on. This is not a game made to appeal to The Great Unwashed. This is made to appeal to avid warhammer fans who are into the lore and the world enough not to go WTF is this shit? Also the minis cross over into Age of Sigmar, which is a good thing.


For me personally, I especially liked the fish.


160714 silver tower fish familiar

Ooh, that brings back memories of the old Realm of Chaos books. Fishy, Fishy, Fishy, Fish!


Chaos Familiar, the Fishy ones.

from Warhammer Quest: the Silver Tower game set

Games Workshop 2016

HIPS polystyrene plastic

25mm bases.


Minis painted so far this month: 2

Minis painted so far thie year: 208

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  1. Is that a Stump lyric? “How much for the fish?”

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