Shadows of Brimstone: The Full Sets

I need to get bigger backdrops. This one I jury-rigged out of the set I printed out way back when, and it is a bit wierd with all the different colours.

Trying to get all the minis from these sets in the same picture was not feasible, and even each set in a single picture did get a bit… crammed.

Only goes to show that you get a lot in these games.

City of the Ancients:

160117 shadows of brimstone city of the ancients full set

4 Heroes: Gunslinger, Saloon Girl, Bandido, US Marshal

12 x Void Spiders

6 x Stranglers

6 x Tentacles

3 x Night Terrors

1 x Goliath



Swamps of Death:

160117 shadows of brimstone swamps of death full set

4 x  Heroes: Lawman, Preacher, Rancher, Indian Scout

16 x Hungry Dead

6 x Hellbats

6 x Giant Tentacles

3 x Slashers

1 x Harbinger

Seems you get a bit more value for money in this set, with a tad larger minis and 4 more of the lowest level mook.


…and yes, I realise should have held the camera at a higher angle to get a better views of all the minis. But I didn’t so here we are.


But anyway, I have finished both sets of this game, and that makes somewhat of a landmark for me. Actually finishing something. Pat on the back for me.


Oh well, no rest for the wicked. Onwards and upwards!

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