Shadows of Brimstone: The Full Sets

I need to get bigger backdrops. This one I jury-rigged out of the set I printed out way back when, and it is a bit wierd with all the different colours.

Trying to get all the minis from these sets in the same picture was not feasible, and even each set in a single picture did get a bit… crammed.

Only goes to show that you get a lot in these games.

City of the Ancients:

160117 shadows of brimstone city of the ancients full set

4 Heroes: Gunslinger, Saloon Girl, Bandido, US Marshal

12 x Void Spiders

6 x Stranglers

6 x Tentacles

3 x Night Terrors

1 x Goliath



Swamps of Death:

160117 shadows of brimstone swamps of death full set

4 x  Heroes: Lawman, Preacher, Rancher, Indian Scout

16 x Hungry Dead

6 x Hellbats

6 x Giant Tentacles

3 x Slashers

1 x Harbinger

Seems you get a bit more value for money in this set, with a tad larger minis and 4 more of the lowest level mook.


…and yes, I realise should have held the camera at a higher angle to get a better views of all the minis. But I didn’t so here we are.


But anyway, I have finished both sets of this game, and that makes somewhat of a landmark for me. Actually finishing something. Pat on the back for me.


Oh well, no rest for the wicked. Onwards and upwards!

Drake comparison shots



Comparisons 1

Comparisons 1 B




Comparisons 2 Comparisons 3

Comparisons 4


And now for something completely different:

someone at AGM has not entirely grasped the concept of scaling when printing miniatures:

rivercrest scale problem

this is the single worst example I have come across of scale difference between the Drake figures. This is in the same unit!

This is obviously caused by different scaling when printing, probably at different times and maybe at different vendors.

One could have argued that people IRL come in different sizes, which I would have accepted had only the shields been the same size. But since they are not…

I think the small one is the first one they made, and the larger ones (both of the other variants are the same, larger size) came later.

The other minis with this problem, but with the difference both in size and style, are the Kayamayuk warriors with mask and the ones without. My guess is that the masked one is the original, and the other original masked design proved to be uncastable, so they designed some others instead. And they turned out really different! At least the unmasked ones (and the leader) are the same, larger size.


and lastly:

formosan eyes

Quack Quack-ack Quack Quack Mi Mi-Mi-Mi!