In the Belly of the Beast

I have been playing Doom Eternal. Several stages within some of the missions are set inside massive demonic fleshy creatures or structures with organic tunnels. Organic as in made of living meat, like a skinned carcass, with giant meaty blobs, bladders, tendons and instestines everywhere. The floor covered in pools of acid…one can only imagine the smell.

Naturally, this made me want to paint up some of the minis for the Shadows of Brimstone Belly of the Beast Otherworld. This otherworld is just such an organic hellscape, set inside the entrails of some enormous cosmic creature. The Belly of the Beast Expansion rules, cards and map bits come in the “Temple of Shadows” expansion set, an expansion for the japanese-themed Forbidden Fortress base set. The Skin Crawler minis are also included in this expansion, while the Gastral Tyrant, Bone Eaters and Acid Blobs each are in their own little enemy packs. I have at least the flesh mites still to do, and I am thinking some more giant tentacles would fit this theme well, if I can find them. Maybe even some of the new, japanese-themed heroes too.

This lot took me a couple of evenings to do, mostly drying time in between prepping the Bones 4 Lost Valley Expansion minis.  @davekay: I started the Lost Valley before your comment requesting Dreadmere, but I will make sure to do Dreadmere next after the Lost Valley.


The Gastral Tyrant

White/grey zenithal over a black undercoat. On this I used Contrast paints Volupus Pink and Guilliman Flesh. Some reds and greens here and there. Gloss Varnish. The base is Citadel Layer Warpstone Glow with Vallejo Vomit (their copy of the Citadel Nurgle’s Rot technical paint, which I owned at one point, but dried out in that piss poor citadel paint pot)


XL enemy on a 60mm base.


Skin Crawlers

I am not fond of painting lots of identical minis, so when I do, I like to vary the colour schemes, but still keep them stylistically and tonally similar enough to immediately be recognizably part of the same unit or squad.

Here I painted each in a different base fleshy, beige and light blue. Over this I used the holy trinity of Citadel washes; Carroburg Crimson, Druuci Violet and Athonian Camoshade. When dry, I drybrushed them slightly in appropriate colours, with reddish pink on the ends.  The bases are Citadel Layer Warpstone Glow with Vallejo Vomit as above. I also did the stringy bits in Vomit. I think I should have used some gloss varnish here and there as well.

Skin Crawlers are Large enemies on 40mm bases.


Bone Eaters

The same coment about identical minis applies to the Bone Eaters.

I started with a white/grey zenithal over a black undercoat. On this I used Citadel Contrast paints. Each one in a different tone. Not that I remembered to take note of which was used on which model…so I can’t really point to one and say “this is colour X”. At least I can say that the darkest one is Gore Grunta fur, and the most pink one is Guilliman Flesh.


Normal sized enemies on 30mm bases.


Acid Blobs


No bases for these. Again, each one in a different way. All were zenithal white/grey on black. The “best” one is Warp Lightning contrast drybrushed with Vallejo Transparent Yellow 70.937. The palest one is Citadel Hexwraith Flame Technical drybrushed with Reaper Foggy Grey MSP 09316.

Two of them were done in Talassar Blue Contrast, with transparent Yellow on one and transparent green on the other. Both ended up very green indeed.

At any rate, very simple but effective. I wanted green slime, I got green slime.


Belly of the Beast-miniatures from the Forbidden Fortress kickstarter.

for the Shadows of Brimstone game

Flying Frog Productions

HIPS polystyrene plastic.


These were painted in March.


Painted so far this year:   (Miniatures:  96 /365 goal // scenery and terrain: 10)

January: 32

Feburary: 19

March: 45 / 10


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  1. Great painting! I especially like how the skin crawlers came out.

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