LPL round 9: Susie and the Snow Goons! RUN!

Round 9 has concluded, and here is my entry:

Susie and the Snow Goons! RUN!


In homage and reference to the seminal comic strip Calvin and Hobbes. Here we have Calvin’s instantly recognizable wierd snowmen, and Susie, his neighbor/friend/schoolmate and part-time nemesis in addition to Calvin and Hobbes themselves.


You can read more about Calvin and Hobbes here.




Calvin and Hobbes



Susie. I made her santa hat in plastic putty.


50042: Townsfolk Modern Children

Sculpted by Bobby Jackson

The third child in the pack was used as Linus van Pelt in my round 4 Great Pumpkin Peanuts homage piece.

03668: Tiger

Sculpted by Geoff Valley


Obligatory size comparisons.


Made by Reaper Miniatures

Made in Metal

25mm round, and 25x50mm oval 3D-printed bases.

available from



The Slytherin one


The Gryffindor one


The Ravenclaw one. Also, a true Goon. He is coming for youse kneecaps!


03296 Monstrous Snowmen (3)

Reaper Miniatures

Made in Metal

25mm round 3D-printed bases.

available from



The last snow goon is from Ral Partha Europe from their Wicked Wonderland kickstarter from last year.


XM1802 Sinister Snowman

Ral Partha Europe

Sculpted by Jason Wiebe

from the 2018 Wicked Wonderland kickstarter

Made in Metal

25mm round 3D-printed bases.

available from,uk


We’re walking in the air (…)
Suddenly swooping low
On an ocean deep
Rousing up a mighty monster from his sleep
And walking in the air
We’re dancing in the midnight sky …

(from The Snowman, 1982)


I used Warlord Games WGS-STG-10 Melting Snow for the snow on the bases.

These were painted in November.


In other news, I have managed to deliver the tenth and last round in time. This one is a squad with a vehicle within the optional America theme. There is only a six man squad and the vehicle on the entry, as there were four minis from the original 10-model squad that I did not have the time to finish up because of work-related obligations. But there are enough of them finished to count as a team for the league, so that is now a wrap. At last I can move on to other things in my own good time, without any more deadlines to stress out over.

Well, after I finish last four of the squad that is.



Painted so far this year:   (Miniatures:  414 /365 goal // scenery and terrain: 63)

January: 30

February: 44   //  10

March: 17

April: 45

May: 46

June: 4

July: 42  //  38

August: 70

September: 45 //  12

October: 35 // 1

November: 26 // 2

December: 7

Future LPL13-entries etc that I cannot post quite yet: 7


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  1. What a great group of miniatures!

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