Warhammer Underwear: Thorns of the Briar Queen

The Nighthaunts the Nightvault… ok, enough with the bad puns already.


I used these to experiment with some color schemes I wanted to try out for my Nighthaunt army that is patiently awaiting to be brought to life.



I chose to do the bases in black flock to represent the life having been sucked out of the undergrowth.



The Briar Queen herself, being the closest thing to a Disney princess in the Age of Sigmar -what with the tiara and all- naturally got the Disney Princess Pink treatment.

This was done primarily with new Citadel Screamer Pink, ancient Citadel Imperial Purple, ancient Citadel Magenta Glaze and Reaper Breast Cancer Awareness Pink. (Finally! A good use for it!) Skin painted in Reaper Copper Verdigris, highlighted with same mixed with white in two – three stages.




Varclav the Cruel  OSL (object source lighting) is actually really easy to do. First paint the mini as normal, then the light source (candle flame here). Then hit the bits that would light up with an appropriate colour. Yellow in this case. Vary the colour shade towards brighter the closer, and darker the further away from the light source you are. make sure to not get colour in where there should be shadow. And Bob’s your uncle!



The Ever-Hanged Painted with a zenithal white-on-black basecoat, then each part in a seperate color, then wetbrushed shades of grey. (Wetbrush is a variant drybrushing technique with thin paint and less paint pulled off so more of the paint goes on the mini. If the paint is thin enough you can get some good blending in.)




Chainrasp (Mook) This one I first painted the top with the Nighthaunt bright green, which turned out quite nice. But that clashed with the dankness of all the rest, so I re-did it in a more dank tone.



Chainrasp (Mook) This is Citadel Casandora Yellow shade over zenithal white-on-black. The lower part got a green-grey and green-black wetbrush



Chainrasp (mook) This one is zenithal white-on-black and then just wetbrushed with different shades of grey and then pure black at the bottom.



Chainrasp (mook) This one is zenithal white-on-black with some light blue drybrush/wetbrush on top, and pale green from the bottom.



Thorns of the Briar Queen

Age of Sigmar: Nighthaunt faction

From the Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault base set

made by Games Workshop, 2018

HIPS plastic

The Briar Queen on 32mm base, the rest on 25mm bases




Painted so far this year:   ( 30 /365 goal)

January: 30

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  1. Very nice work on these, and I like the colour variation between models. Did you end up choosing a scheme for your Nighthaunt?

  2. Right now it is a bit of a toss up between the yellow/black and the white/gray mook-schemes. I think I like the movement towards dark in the smoky whisps more than the other way around. I will probably end up doing each unit in slightly different colours based on this “movement”.

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