Warhammer Underwear: Zarbag’s Gitz

The Night Goblins Moonclan Grotz venture forth from their fungus-infested caves to do battle in the Nightvault. Being so small and weedy, they compensate by being many. There are nine of them, one more than the eight starter positions on the game board.

So yeah, I went with the fungal theme…





Old Zarbag the Shaman. I imagine this one being a bit like the wicked old witch in Snow White. …‘Ere pretty one, ‘ave a nice apple…




Drizgit da Squig Herder



Prog da Netter



Snirk Sourtongue the ball and chain fanatic. I chose to make his ball in stone rather than metal on account of the texture.



Stikkit. He is actually shooting mushrooms. I chose to make them the luminous kind.



Redkap. Who has a brown cap.



Dibbz                                …who sells dubious sausages during the daytime. “Onna stick!”










Sorry about some of the pics being a bit iffy.


Zarbag’s Gitz

for Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault

made by Games Workshop

HIPS plastic

25mm bases



Painted so far this year:   ( 21 /365 goal)

January: 21





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  1. These are great! The osl on the netter really works well in the direct shot!

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