Lead Painters League round 3

The third round is done, here is my entry:


“Off to off the wizard”

The figures are from Reaper Bones KS3, “Chronoscope* Wild West Oz”.  Since they all were armed, I see this as a sort of hit squad, hence the title.

I based them on 30mm round display bases from Reaper, and I 3d Printed a 20mm round in a similar style for Toto.

Since not only the Tin Man, but also the flying monkey are obvious metal robots, I think “Weird West Oz” or even “Steampunk Oz” would be a more fitting moniker.

Anyway, going into the round I was in (how did that happen?) second position on the leaderboard, which meant I was matched with the first positon. Unsurprisingly and entirely deservedly, my opponent won the round with an excellent entry and I ended up in fourth place on the leaderboard. Still, I did get just under a quarter of the votes, which I count as a personal victory! Maybe my painting is a bit better than I think it is myself? Hot Damn!

The miniatures are made in the slightly harder Bonesium, henceforth to be known as Better Bones™. Since the third Bones kickstarter, all Chronoscope Bones are coloured grey,

The Flying Monkey, Lion, Tin Man and Scarecrow are sculpted by Bob Ridolfi, with Dorothy and Toto by Julie Guthrie. Only the Scarecrow seems to be released in Bones as of yet.

*”Chronocope” is Reapers catch-all-theme-series that covers miniatures that are not Fantasy-themed, such as Wild West, Steampunk, Superheroes, Pulp, Science Fiction, Modern era, Zombie Apocalypse and so on.



Dorothy and Toto. Not in Kansas anymore.



The Lion has a robot hand, a big revolver and a pair of goggles. No conversion work even required to make Hellboy out of him!



Looking at him now, I think the Scarecrow comes across as rather Freddy Krueger-y. If I had seen that earlier, I would have done some stripes to match.



Tin Man: I tried for an old school Science Fiction book cover illustration robot I vaguely remember (but I don’t remember which book cover the figure reminds me of), probably something by Isaac Asimov.



I painted the Flying Monkey Robot-thing with metallic flip paint by Instar, a newish UK-based paint company. There is probably some technique to it I do not yet know, as I did not get especially flippy results. Flip paints are supposed to be color-changing depending upon the angle it is viewed at. There is a slight effect. but it is very slight. I will experiment and try to read up a bit about other peoples experiences.

The flip-effect does not come across in photos, so anyway.

And sorry about the terrible photography. This was done with my phone, and I am still learning how to get all the settings right.


The Tally so far:

Finished from the Bobby Box: 99  / 126   (+10 / 13 casualties, small animals etc)

Just 27 left to do! (plus some small bits like casualties and the half skeleton . I think I might have counted those wrong, as I seem to have 4 of those left, not three)

Finished from the stash: 93

Finished minis in total this year: 192 / 365 (target one for each day on average)



January: 59

February: 24

March: 62

April: 34

May: 13





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  1. Fantastic minis, ideally want some of those robotic flying monkeys now!

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