Into the Silver Tower, part 3: Scuttlings

Oh GW, what have you done to my beloved night goblins?

Luckily these variant models, for want of a better word, only appear in the Silver Tower game and are (probably) not weirdo GW newgoblins, but a different breed of chaos goblin altogether. Thank F for that.

That said, I quite like the concept. Tzeentch changing the ways and all that. . Yes, we get that they are spider-goblin hybrids of some sort, what with eight limbs and several sets of eyes. I think the spider web-patterns on the sides of their robes are overstating things.

160722 silvar tower scuttlings

Eight legged freaks. I tried to vary from the standard black with yellow-night goblin colour scheme a bit.



From the Silver Tower game set

Games Workshop 2016

HIPS plastic

25mm bases


Painted so far this month: 27

Painted so far this year: 233


And now I am off a couple weeks for the summer holidays. Sunny beaches here I come!

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