Unfinished business: Tyranid Gaunts

I have gone a month or so without touching paint to mini. After my summer holiday I simply have not had the inclination. Or rather, I have not had the inclination at the same time as opportunity.

Sigh. I have been moving boxes and bags about in the cellar to make room for knocking down walls and breaking up parts of the concrete floor. There is much work to be done before the refurbished cellar rooms can be moved into properly.

At any rate, I found some old half painted Tyranids in one of the boxes. They were not that far off from being finished, so I did that and based them up. I think these were some of the last things I painted before simply stopping and going on my so-called gamer break.

160820 40k tyranid termagants

I still think of these as “hunter-killers”

160820 40k tyranid hormagaunts

Yeah, I love my horde swarm armies.

I seem to remember selling off the rest of the tyranids I had bought to start an army with more than a decade ago, when these minis were new.


At least I have these to remember them by.



Warhammer 40.000, Tyranid Faction

HIPS plastic

25mm bases


Finished so far this month: 4


Finished so far this year: 237


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