Rouge Trader Orks pt II

39 in one go does take some time, even though each individual miniature only gets what amounts to minutes. If they take on average 10 minutes each from start to finish, (probably closer to 15 including cleanup and basing)  it still means about 8-10 hours actual work all together…


At any rate, here is the test subject all done, with the starting point as a comparison:

140622 rougre trader orks single comparison (1)

This rapibly became a full repaint. mainly because of all the previous colours were all over the place, “dirty” painted and with scrape marks and what have you.

Here I have used Army Painter Strong Tone Wash (not the dip) because the dip talkes several days to dry properly, but I will be dipping the rest.

I think the result is …ok. Not great, but perfectly servicable for my use. Expecially when taking into account that I did not spend that long on this figure, and have 38 more to go.

Speaking of them, some progress has been made:

140622 rougre trader orks single comparison (2)

The grey armour/padding, brown trousers and red details, sleeves, boots, hats, hair, and belts are done. To go are olive green skin, gunmetal guns, and detailing such as weapons in belts, buckles, eyes, teeth, hair, bracelets and what not. Then they will be given a bit of the old dip n shake followed by some anti-shine spray and detail checkup, basing and voila. 39 battle ready ork boys.

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