Salvaging Rouge Trader Orks, part 3

So, over the course of what few free evenings I have had, the rest of the large group of orks have progressed and have been finished.

Some observations along the way:

140714 group predip

Ready for the big dip

Painting many figures does take ages, even when doing it as basic as this.

I have decided that I will not ever be using that dip again. In the future I will stick to the brush on ink version of quickshade. Far better control leading to far better results, no shinyness, dries in an hour or so and water soluble. Overall a much better product for my needs.

I had forgotten what a messy sticky substance the tinned quickshade dip is, how it is difficult to be precise with it, how it takes several days to dry properly, how hideously shiny it is when dry, and how difficult it can be to get rid of the shinyness…especially when the ambient humidity rapidly increases to raining cats and dogs right after spraying them! ARGH!

so instead of some nice orkses, we get frosty the snowmen!

140714 grey

Frosted! not grrrrrreeat at all!

At this point I might have said a bad word.


So all the orks have become frosted some more, some less.

I got partially rid of the frosting with a second coat of varnish, but some remains. and still some shinyness her and there. Bah!


So, powering on, last details and bases are done, which means that they are finished,


140714 group finished 2

Battle ready

They might still get a third coat of varnish just in case it might still get rid of some more of the frosting effect.

So that is 38 more boys ready to take to the field in rambunctious waaagh!

Certainly not in any way a great paint job, but perfectly passable for the tabletop, especially considering the starting point.

Rouge Trader Orks pt II

39 in one go does take some time, even though each individual miniature only gets what amounts to minutes. If they take on average 10 minutes each from start to finish, (probably closer to 15 including cleanup and basing)  it still means about 8-10 hours actual work all together…


At any rate, here is the test subject all done, with the starting point as a comparison:

140622 rougre trader orks single comparison (1)

This rapibly became a full repaint. mainly because of all the previous colours were all over the place, “dirty” painted and with scrape marks and what have you.

Here I have used Army Painter Strong Tone Wash (not the dip) because the dip talkes several days to dry properly, but I will be dipping the rest.

I think the result is …ok. Not great, but perfectly servicable for my use. Expecially when taking into account that I did not spend that long on this figure, and have 38 more to go.

Speaking of them, some progress has been made:

140622 rougre trader orks single comparison (2)

The grey armour/padding, brown trousers and red details, sleeves, boots, hats, hair, and belts are done. To go are olive green skin, gunmetal guns, and detailing such as weapons in belts, buckles, eyes, teeth, hair, bracelets and what not. Then they will be given a bit of the old dip n shake followed by some anti-shine spray and detail checkup, basing and voila. 39 battle ready ork boys.

The Scrapheap ER Challenge!

The Challenge: Salvage this group of 39 Rouge Trader Space Orks I recently bought of ebay for less than the price of a pint of beer, to a decent table top standard. Speed is of the essence. I will not be spending hours on these, and they will certainly not be golden demon material when finished. But they will be much, much better! I will probably be dipping them at some point, as I do have some dip left and do not seem to be using that stuff any more.

They are really not that badly painted, if it was by an eight year old who only recently got into painting that is.

140619 rougre trader orks group before

Space Orks are a horde army. So you need buttloads of them to make any headway. Here is a buttload. 39 of them.


Preamble: skip this if you think it is too wordy.

Most of my own old shite is not salvageable, due to the fact I used a far too thick coat of high gloss varnish on most of them….it is almost as if they are encased in carbonite. I do not have the patience to even try to strip them.

However, I have to date made a number of purchases of second hand miniatures off Ebay. I generally try to avoid buying painted minis, for obvious reasons, but every now and then there comes along what seems like a good bargain for some sort of group or squad for my Space Ork or Skaven army or whatever that I bid a low amout for. Sometimes I end up winning the bid.

Even when paying just a few pounds, most often even this price seems too high for what I get. One would think I would take the hint when there are no good close up pictures of them, and when most descriptions say “well painted” that is usually a lie. Maybe most sellers simply are stating their honest opinions. In which case they must have really low standards. Also it seems most no-one ever cares to clean off mouldlines.

So basically, what I end up getting is what I would normally would consider chucking in the scrapheap.  But I try to salvage them, if I can.

For example, most of my Skaven clanrats purchased in this manner have been repaired, totally repainted and are now sitting pretty, hidden deep in the rank and file with their fellows. With a quick and dodgy repaint, they come to life and are servicable. At least at a distance….This is what we call “speed painting to a table top standard”.


Day 1: Getting to grips with the Rouge Trader Space Orks.

I do not have all that much hobby time, so this plog will not be daily. “Day #” refers to the sequential day that I got to work on them.

But wey-hey! 39 Orks! A sizable sqaud of boys in anyone’s book.

Once upon a time I had some of these early plastics from Citadel. However I can no longer find them, and I expect they are lost. They are fun figures, not as comical as the 3rd editon orks, nor as brutal looking as the more recent orks. They will do the job when salvaged.

The minis I got had all the signs of young, but enthusiastic painter. They are all fully based with static grass, done in Goff red and black, classic green skin and and some black and white checkerd patterns here and there. The paint is caked on in places and mostly but not quite within their borders -imprecise. Maybe some sort of shading or thinned black has been used in patches on the red. The models themselves have been glued together without too much thought on posing or how the weapons are carried. At least there is not a lot of visible glue residue. I expect thin solvent glue has been used.

Not at all a bad base to start from…apart from the mould lines! GOD! I HATE THOSE MOULD LINES! So I had to spend som time cleaning them up, scraping off all the mould lines from hell. At least this plastic is really easy to scrape. Also a few loose arms and guns needed gluing on here and there, inclcuding a couple of replacement recent Ork arms from my bits box.

140619 rougre trader orks scrapings

Offcut mould lines and other leftovers after the work was done.

How much had to be cut off?

All the grey is bare plastic.


Day 2:  Scruba-dub-dub!

I also could not fail to notice that these figures were dirty. Dust, greasy residue, bits of fluff and hair. What have you. Thats 20 years or more of build up for you. Into the hot soapy water for a good scrub they all go.

After drying they look rather more presentable:

140619 rougre trader orks group post wash

All ranked up and good to go. The grey bits to the right are a set of resin VOID sandbag walls I dug up out of storage the other day.


However, because of the large amount of mould line removal, this project is much more likely to be more of a repaint than just an E.R. as most surfaces has lost much of their paint.

Tomorrow I will try to fix one up to see what needs to be done.



Luciphuzz WIP part 3, and a pack of rats!

This winter has been a long wintery swamp of prep, what with the arm not wanting to hold anything still for any length of time and all.

Also several kickstarters have started delivering product, flooding me with lots and lots of miniatures to prep, and far too much to choose from… what little time I have had to spare has been spent sifting through all the goodies and subsequent masses and masses of prepwork. so there has not been a lot painting being done.


The shelf of already prepped, what is waiting to be sprayed in springtime. With all the new stuff arriving, I will soon be needing another shelf.

To try to break this single-tracked state of affairs, I have decided to try to enter the Reaper Beauty Pageant, where the entrants have to paint Damian the Helborn wizard,


those are metal-fingers \,,/

Chuggin’ along…even though it has been several weeks since last session, I should be able to reach the deadline by Valentines Day,

The Black Metal outfit I originally intended was, well, too Black. So I have used some colour with black washes to darken them, He is stil blackish, but not monochrome. Next up…spikes and metal plates!

I have also decided to make a custom base, using a base stamp for the first time. Therefore I have pinned him to an old paint pot for handling while painting. Also a first for me, but definately not the last! That made it so much easier to hold the mini.

The second thing I did to break the swamp of prep, was to do a large unit of something really easily and quickly painted, so as to get some sense of accomplishment. The choice fell on a block of giant rats for my skaven horde. 34 of the little blighters to be precise.


The lot of them took only a few hours all together.

Thirdly, Bones.


Bones made of Bones. Bendy little blighters.

I mounted them on Manic bases, because I wanted to see how it would end up. I cut down the broccoli base to fit the manticbase 10mm hole, one of the skeletons need to be cut loose altogether, as it had a far too wide stance. The broccoli base was still fine for filling the hole,

I also painted each one with a different colour combo just to see how they turned out. the picture doesnt really show that.

The thin Bones are really bendy. Which makes them a bit difficult to drybrush. Also the details are quite soft, especially in the faces. So they end up getting a slop’n’go paint job. They will probably get hidden in some unit anyway.

Fourth, this one is some weeks since I did.

140209 ghast c140209 ghast b


Another slop’n’go (many of those lately) with a reaper bones ghast (or whatever) and two mantic Ghouls bringing up the rear.

This is intended as a rank-filler in a large unit of ghouls or zombies.


Reaper Beauty Pageant Bad Boy Challenge

This winters’ beauty pageant over at the reaper forum is this miniature, 77149 Damien, hellborn wizard. I do not really know what a “Helborn” is, but I susrmise it is some sort of demonic or half demon character class or enemy types in the newfangled D&D and/ or Pathfinder role playing games. At any rate they are humanoid with horns and devil’s tails.

This mini had it’s arm straight out and fist with index and little fingers extended.

So of course I had to do a bit of the old cut and paste,rotating the hand 90 degrees at the wrist.

and also some boil and reposition of the arm to make it point upwards into the air…after first cutting and gluing the wrist. Rock concert movement #3: Metal horns!

I experienced absolutely no problems with the recently superglued wrist, being submersed in near-boling water for a minute before being thrust into cold water. So that is good to know next time I do things in the wrong order.

May I present:

Lücifuzz, lead singer of Hellbörn!


Here he is caught flashing a pose before he goes backstage where there are more groupies than his tongue can cope with!

I still need do something about the stick he is holding. I do not think I have anything suitable for a microphone stand, Maybe just a microphone, or a scepter like Alice Cooper used to faff about with on stage.

I still need do something about that stick he is holding. I do not think I have anything suitable for a microphone stand, Maybe just a microphone, or a scepter like Alice Cooper used to faff about with on stage.

But is he the Alice Cooper type, or more of a hair metal-dude in tiger striped spandex and garish make up?

Or… rather a Black Metal -type called Evil Odin or some such, with corpse painted face and a massive bloody pentagram tattooed on his chest?

We shall see!


140106 lucifuzz mikeA suitably spiky mike!