From the Shelf of Shame: Finishing The Unfinished

I have made a solemn decision to finish up all the half-painted minis on my little shelf of shame.

First up is some treeman:

140427 treemann
40mm base.

I am not sure where this metal miniature comes from, I suspect it is a Wizards of the Coast D&D miniature from the early ’00s. I think one other I had lying about in the same box (a skeletal D&D troll) quite definately is one of those.

At any rate, it has been standing around unfinished for some time, and I rebased it (it had a square base earlier) and finished it with fresh colours, some washes and a lot of drybrushing.

It turned out quite well I think. Apart from the little stumpy sawn off-branch ends that did not turn out so well.

Can’t win ’em all. At least it now is done.

Edit: This is a Mage Knight Wood Golem, by Wizkids.


Next up, something that looks like a cross between a Squig and a Razide, definately sculpted by Kev Adams, and (I believe) from the defunct game Vor: the Maelstrom.

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