Let’s get this year started

I have not really had the time nor inclination to make the effort to post thesebefore now even though I painted these a week ago. Without further ado, here are the first minis of the year:

From left to right, we have

The Swamp Thing:

02496 Swamp Shambler

Reaper Miniatures

Dark Heaven Legends line
Sculpted by Ben Siens

Made in metal, 37mm base

I call this one Eric, in honor of Eric Holland, the Swamp Thing. Which of course this is a blatant rip-off, er, homage of

Painted for the RCL limited palette of blue, green and yellow.

The Iron Golem:

I actually do not know what this mini is supposed to represent. Maybe a battleforged? (I am really only dimly aware that exists. What even is that? Some sort of fantasy robot? Bollocks to such newfangled nonsense.)

I call it an Iron Golem.
The miniature is from the Bones 5 Core set and does not have an SKU nor a name that I know of. It is #1021 in the core set image.

Made in Bones Black PVC
40mm base

The Humongous Spider

77395 Cadirith, Demonic Colossal Spider

Reaper Miniatures, Bones 2 KS add on

Sculpted by James Van Schaik
Bones classic, the white stuff. Stiffer than Bones 1 though. Works well when the legs are stuck in place. Without the counter-pull from the other legs being fixed in place, they would probably bend and sag over time.

120mm base, HDF wood from war-bases.co.uk
I bought the base and built the mini way back when (is it really seven years ago? Or eight?) before I got a 3D printer. As the base fits so well, I could not be arsed to change it out just for the sake of a chamfered rim.

I painted this one now to get it done before I start the Bones 5 colossal spider. Or else I might never ever get it painted.
It was actually quite quick to paint, mostly drybrushing and not caring about being too neat. It is pretty nightmarish any way you look at it.
The colours are inspired by a tarantula.

The Bitcher

Gragg Elfslayer
from the Bones 5 core set. B

This model was added to the core set as a social media stretch goal.
I thought he looked like an outcast that roams the land, fighting monsters with his innate magical abilities and superior martial prowess, bitching all the time about his lot in life and how he never can have kids, or even friends because he is feared and shunned all over.

Easy-O the Cleaner

More from the Bones 5 core set, this is one of the “kid heroes”.
The kid heroes are a bunch of childen as player characters, for some reason they all have a Daemon soul animal. This one has a ferret or is it a weasel?
Anyway, it can be used as a gnome or a halfling.

Kid Hero Assassin (I assume due to the attire)
Sculpted by Christine van Patten
Bones Black PVC, 25mm base

To quote Tony in Leon aka The Professional when Matilda suggested she could work for him as a cleaner like Leon had done: “I ain’t got no work for a twelve year old kid, so get it out of your god-damn head! It’s over! The game’s over! Leon’s dead! You hear me?”

Painted so far this year: 5/365. 360 to go!

January: 5

Bones 5 Core set: 8 of 144 painted

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