Reaper Challenge League 2021 Edition: October

October Player Character

77093 Drago Voss, Male Assassin

October Monster

77296 Wererat Matriarch

October Theme: Female

Bones 5: “Not-Red Sonja” name unknown
and again, in 2021 they still make female minis wearing chainmail bikinis…

October New Release

30009 Fillyjonk, Hellborn Rogue

October Limited Palette (Pink, Blue, Yellow)

October Freebie

Citadel Warhammer Orcs & Goblin Mangler Squig (partial) stomping a Harlequin Miniatures’ Dwarf Champion

October Duo

Bones 5 Greek Odyssey Nemean Lion

October Trio

77499 Stitch Golem


Quarterly Contest Model

77704 Cave Troll

Large Group 4+ (Our theme this quarter: “We Could Be Heroes”)

77206 Friar Stone
Who could be me, if I was muscular, bald and massively bearded that is.

Q4 Popup: Beastmaster

03043 Surkhar, Orc Shaman and his loyal 02680 Undead Troll

Q4 Popup: Storytime / Backstory

Damras had spent most of his adult life trying to locate the perfect scroll. A score and more long years slaving away at the Inconcievable Institute, poring over the great library of the arts, absorbing all the world’s accumulated knowledge of the subject. He spent his years bending all his will and faculty towards this single goal. At last, having puzzled through all the clues and connected all the dots, he had uncovered where it was hidden.
He savoured the moment, holding the very scroll in his shaking hands. This, the finest piece ever, in all of creation, the very essence of the heavens captured on mundane canvas:

Von Klemp’s painting of the Fallen Madonna (with the Big Boobies).

Q4 popup: Object Source Lighting

77364 Angel of Shadows

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