The May roundup

This month I have had half an hour here, half an hour there of free time, and have split this between painting and other stuff. Now at last I have gotten around to this: making a proper post for the minis I painted in May and photographed the other day.

So here goes:

89011 Seelah, Iconic Paladin
From the Bones 1 kickstarter core set, “Iconics Official Pathfinder Miniatures” subset

Bones PVC, the classic rubbery, bendy stuff.

30mm base

I am quite happy with the smooth gradient on the cape.

80040 Bathalian Primarch
From the Bones 2 Expansion #3
Bones PVC, the better-than-bones-1-material

50mm base

This one is done up in my Nightstalkers colours.

77365 Angel of Protection
From the Bones 2 Expansion #2
Bones PVC, still the better-than-bones-1-material
25x35mm base

80004 Romag Davl, Thief
Bones USA
30mm base
The new Bones USA material seems to be going from strength to strength.

44056 Fungoids
Two from a pack of three. The third one in the pack is stylistically very different from the two others (I have not not painted that one yet). This third-mini-is-the-odd-one-outin a pack is mysteriously common with kickstarted bones when they go to retail.

These are from the Bones 4 Darkreach expansion.

Bones Black PVC- The good stuff.

25mm bases

Conan the Barbarian from Conan the Boardgame.
(similar to) Bones Black PVC
25mm integral base.
Not really sure why I selected this mini for painting in between all the Reaper minis. Maybe it simply was that it was an easy mini to paint?

77071 Elladan, Elven Ranger

From the Bones 1 kickstarter core set, Heroes subset.

Bones PVC, the classic rubbery, bendy stuff.

30mm base

I tend to give the original bendy rubbery Bones material alot of crap, but it isn’t really all that bad in every case. It’s just when comparing it to materials that tend to hold more detail -well the details often are a bit soft. But many minis are actually pefectly fine. Such as this one.
(Mind you, there are quite a few terrible ones to.)

02243 Robert O’Bannon
Reaper Dark Heaven line
30mm base

This is a mini I have had lying about unpainted for close to two decades. When someone in the Reaper discord posted about needing a third for a trio, I jumped at the chance.
It turns out my tartan still needs a lot of practice. and I need to get myself some new brushes that have a proper point. My old ones no longer keep the point over time, resulting in uneven lines.
You hear me? It is all the tools’ fault! Not me at all! Just the tools!

77557 Kyra & Lavarath

Bones 3 add on
Classic Bones PVC
110x80mm 3D-printed base

Metallic dragons are quick and easy

77656 Tazythas Dragonfolk Rogue
Bones classic PVC, the Better Bones version.
25×35 3Dprinted base
This is a Bones 4 core set mini, but I bought this second one specifically for the RCL. Gotta get all the points.
Luckily the mini comes with an assortment of different hands.

77195 Mr Bones

From the Bones 1 kickstarter core set

Bones PVC, the classic rubbery, bendy stuff.

25mm base

02088 Argus Stronghoof

Reaper Dark Heaven line
Sculpted by Sandra Garrity
60x35mm base

This is another mini I have had lying about unpainted for close to two decades. It’s gonna take time to work through the backlog…

Painted so far this year:   (Miniatures:  90 / 365 goal // scenery and terrain: 6)

January: 38 // 5
February: 20
March: 11 / 1
April: 8
May: 13

The Bones 1 Core Set, aka “Vampire Pledge”

Currently at 124 of 241 minis painted. If I remember correctly that is.

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