Reaper Challenge League 2021 edition: May

I have been slightly less of a workaholic in May than in April, so I have been able to do some quartely challenges as well as the monthlies. I am probably not going to be able to paint anything else this month, so here goes.
These were all painted for the Reaper challenge league May, and again, squeezed in between work. So, low effort speed painting is the key. which also shows that is it possible to get quite decent results in a short time as long as you accept there will be some rough bits.

May Player Character

89011 Seelah, Iconic Paladin

May Monster

80040 Bathalian Primarch

May theme Angels or Devils

77365 Angel of Protection

May New Release

80004 Romag Davl, Thief

May Limited Palette

Red Yellow Brown

44056 Fungoid

May Freebie

Conan from Conan the Boardgame

May Duo with @Manvsmini

77071 Elladan, Elven Ranger

May Trio with @ejala and @astrosqueee

02243 Robert O’Bannon


Q2 Large

77557 Kyra & Lavarath

Q2 contest model
(=paint the same model that was chosen for Reaper’s Q1 contest on Facebook. )

77656 Tazythas Dragonfolk Rogue

Q2 popup: Bones Bones Bones
(a model with visible bone, not the material)

77195 Mr Bones

Q2 popup Polkadots

44056 Fungoid

Q2 Popup Zodiac

02088 Argus Stronghoof, as Sagittarius

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