Shiny and Chrome!

The Waldo Asterians
plural noun: waldoes
     1. a remote-controlled device for handling or manipulating objects.
from the Greek ἀστέριον (astērion) “Star-filled, Starry”
noun; adjective noun
plural noun: Asterians
    1. The name for Mantic’s version of Space Elves (ref. Eldar) in their “Warpath” game universe.
Waldo Asterian
plural noun; Waldo Asterians
Cringe-inducing dad-joke name for the Asterian Marionettes, remote controlled robots. A reference to the world reknowned Waldorf Astoria Hotels, the origin of Waldorf Salad.
The Marionettes are remote controlled robots that fight for their Asterian makers. They make me think of Cylon centurions.
Shiny and Chrome! Paint job: simple but effective. And above all, fast!
Start with black undercoat, then black metal (very dark silver). Then drybrushed with gunmetal, shining silver and edged with a light drybrush of Sophie Silver (a pearlescent white). The entire model is then painted in Citadel Nuln Oil Gloss shade. When dry, some red on the eyelenses and some transparent blue for details here and there. The blue on the back will function as a unit identifier and will be different colours on other units. Some fixing of mistakes with silver or thinned black paint here and there.
Bases and done.
And the Waldoes are supported by Weapons Drones and Shield Drones. Same paint scheme.
Asterian Marionettes
for the Asterian faction;
Warpath, Firefight and Deadzone games
unknown sculptor
HIPS polystyrene plastic
25mm bases
currently available from
This mini was finished September 30th 2020.

Painted so far this year:   (Miniatures:  248/365 goal // scenery and terrain: 12)

January: 32

Feburary: 19

March: 45 / 10

April: 41 // 1

May: 9

June: 20

July: 19

August: 30

September: 34 // 1

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