Lost Valley: The Sauroid Tribes

The last couple of weeks have been full up with work and not much time for other things. I have been plonking away at these just a little at a time since my last post about a fortnight ago.  These are member of the Sauroid Tribes according to the flavour text. (Assuming the “Sauriod” is a typo, and the later “Sauroid” is the correct name). Each of “these warring tribes are highly territorial and will brook no trespassers on their sacred lands”, and they constantly battle both amongst themselves and with the warlike Jade Fire Clan orcs.

Cross referencing the tribe names in the flavor text with the kickstarter expansion image we find that each model represents a separate tribe:

From left to right Skywing, Bloodcrest. Blacktooth, Thunderfoot and Armorback. So that is five distinct tribes with a totalt of one miniature each available ;P

These have been released to retail by Reaper, so they have proper SKU numbers. (# in parenthesis are from the expansion image)

44063 Blacktooth Savage  (#601)

Tyrannosaurman! Painted in mostly the same scheme as the T-Rex-lookalike Blacktooth Terror. Black and red being markers for “evil”. He likes to wear thunderfoot skulls as pauldrons.

40mm base.


44064 Armorback Barbarian (#602)

Anklyosaurman! I found a picture of a tortoise with this colouration, so I went with it

32mm base.


44065  Thunderfoot Defender (#603)

Triceratopsman! Mostly the same colours as the upcoming Triceratops aka Thunderfoot Behemoth.

35mm base.


44066 Bloodcrest Smasher (#604)

Parasaurolophusman! Just some old-school dino colours for this one.

35mm base.


44067 Skywing Stormcaller (#605)

Pteranodonman! I modelled the paint scheme after a seagull. This one has a South American Prehispanic vibe going on. Probably on account of the headdress. Not the macahuitl at all. No sirree Bob!
32mm base.



You are in big trouble now, little man.


44063-44067 Sauroids

Bones 4 kickstarter, 2019

Reaper Miniatures

Sculpted by Chris Lewis

Made in Bones Black PVC

available from reapermini.com


These models were completed the 24th of April.


Painted so far this year:   (Miniatures:  135 /365 goal // scenery and terrain: 11)

January: 32

Feburary: 19

March: 45 / 10

April: 40 // 1




Bones 4 Lost Valley Expansion:  11+1/36+2  Just 26 to go!

The Bones 4 Lost Valley Expansion:















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