Pint-Sized Skeletons and the shelf game

I have been cleaning and reorganizing my shelves of shame, getting all the built and undercoated minis off the dusty trays they were on, and into plastic storage containers with lids, so that horrible horrible dust can no longer make them look zenithaled even though most of them aren’t…now I can actually wipe the dust of the lids instead. Much better. Which begs the question: Why the eff have I not done this before?

At any rate, now I have an absurd amount of plastic containers filling my shelves. I think I will need to make a concerted effort to actually get some of all that painted. Towards this end I have made up a little game to decide what to paint next,

Now, I have already decided to get most of the Bones 4 expansions painted before Bones 5 gets delivered in a year or so, and am currently working on the Lost Valley expansion. But just painting Bones can get boring, so I am thinking that every other (well…otherish) mini / group of minis I paint will be from the aforementioned shelves of shame.

But how to choose? There are at least 20…

So I have made a little random encounter dice roll. The first roll decides which box I look in, numbers starting on the top left shelf. The next dice roll is a d3:

  1. Hero, a single mini
  2. Unit, a group of minis that make up a squad or similar.
  3. Monster or Vehicle or Mounted. This should be self explanatory.

Exactly which mini(s) get chosen for painting will depend on what is in the box, and what takes my fancy. If the lucky box does not include the kind of mini indicated, I will either just choose something or roll again.

Which brings me to what got painted this time around: The TTCombat Halfling Skeletons, out of box #45 “Fantasy Undead”. Obviously, I rolled a 2 for “group” so the Liche Queen on Undead Unicorn is still sitting pretty in the box together with an assortment of other deadites. The box did not actually have many other options for “group” as most of my unpainted undead are either Nighthaunt that have their own box, or still unbuilt. I think I have an entire Undead army for Kings of War on the sprue somewhere, and the unbuilt are not in the shelf of shame boxes.


10 pint-sized skeletons with eyeballs. Which is a bit strange as all the other soft tissue is long gone. Especially strange since the eyes are usually the first bits to go, eaten by crows (or by fish if you die at sea). Them eyeballs are scrumptious, it would seem.

The minis are from the “Halflings and Fantasy Friends” kickstarter TTcombat ran late 2018 and that was delivered some time ago. I have painted ghosts and ghouls from this line earlier. They are all very cartoony and also rather cute.


Three little swordsmen …er, knifemen.


Three little pikes. Two have build their holes of straw and of sticks. The third of bricks.


And four archers.

10 skeletons in all, from the “RPG pledge level” that basically gave a nice assortment of different types, either 5 or 10 of each.


I used a mixture of regular paint and contrast paints on these. As always, they look better when not magnified. Some of the mould lines I simply have not noticed before, and now I see them glaring at me in the pictures. My eyesight is not what it once was.


I printed out 20mm bases for the little rascals.



Halflings Skeletons

TTCombat 2018/2019

Unknown sculptor


20mm bases

Should be available from TTCombat in the future.



These models were painted the 10th and 11th of April.


Painted so far this year:   (Miniatures:  130 /365 goal // scenery and terrain: 11)

January: 32

Feburary: 19

March: 45 / 10

April: 35 // 1




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